How to Design an Effective Facebook Ad

May 26, 2016


If you have a Facebook page, you may not think that you need to Facebook advertising to get people’s attention. Facebook ads are great at driving traffic both to your website and increasing the amount of page likes your business receives. Many of the advice for small business owners looking to get started bringing customers errs towards paid advertising on Facebook and search engines like Google. While search engines have their own algorithms, Facebook ads are a little harder to crack. With a combination of targeting and creative, designing a Facebook advertisement takes some work. Trust us on this one! We’re constantly updating our Facebook visual creatives and advertising to stay on top of the game, and are more than happy to share some of our tips for designing an effective Facebook ad that gets people to click through to your website.

Using Facebook Ads to Drive Customers

While Facebook ad targeting is another story, your Facebook creative is one thing that really needs to stand out. At Tailor Brands, we reevaluate our advertising designs often- whether this is a few times a week to a few times a month. We’ll test different layouts, formats, calls to actions, and more! With so much testing that we’ve done, we have some advice to share about how any small business can design an effective Facebook ad.

Designing your Facebook ad should follow these tips:

  • Consider the image that you’re posting. Think of the amount of scrolling that you do through your Facebook feed. You’re not reading every single post, only things that stand out, catch your eye, or are posted by someone you know. If there’s a new business making an appearance, you’ll stop because it’s eye-catching. Your ad needs to be the same! High-quality, unique images are the first step, avoiding classic stock images and those with all-white backgrounds. Think of the things that are the most interesting part of your brand, reflect your brand’s colors, and are exciting without being distracting. Too many elements can cause potential clients to scroll past while too little elements can be boring.

Tailor Tip: We’ve tested images with backgrounds, images with solid backgrounds, images with people, flat images. For a while, beautiful pictures featuring people worked. We changed who we were targeting, and suddenly, flat images with solid backgrounds were our bread and butter. The target changed, and so did our ads! This became an important lesson for us.

Tailor Brands Facebook Ad
  • Choose a strong, readable font The text used on the ad should be an extension of the design, but also be sure to convey information about your business. Choosing a readable display font that grabs the attention with a brief copy and call to action is highly effective.

Tailor Tip: Our ads usually contain a short call to action in a nice brush font or a clean san serif.

Tailor Brands Facebook Ad 2
  • Write ad copy that gets people to click Ad copy is the text on your ad that tells users what they’re about to do. You’ve gotten their attention with a clear, precise image and now you’re going to get them to click to your website. First, you’ll want a clear headline that grabs the attention of the reader, and then get them interested. This can be a sale, exclusive offer, or promotion that gets them immediately interested, and finally encourage a click. The words you use for your brand should also match the image you’re choosing. If you’re selling a product aimed at people looking for kitchen utensils but talk exclusively about home furnishings, then the reader will be confused about what your ad is about. Keeping it concise and clear is the best way to go.

Tailor Tip: Pay attention to your ad copy. We keep ours generally within the same realm, but change it when designs change and test between target audiences.

Tailor Brands Facebook Ad 3

One of the best things to remember if you’re using Facebook advertising is creating awesome images. Visuals are a huge selling point for the social networking site, and the better yours are, the higher the chance that someone will stop. Pair this with an amazing ad copy, you’re guaranteed to have people visiting your website! Remember that this may need to be changed out periodically to keep people interested. This is where the learning curve comes in! Find out what elements work, expand these, and remove the ones that don’t!