Is Your Logo Memorable Enough For a Child to Understand It?

June 14, 2016


A good logo should be simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate in the best kind of way. But just because a logo is simple doesn’t make it good, just because a logo is versatile doesn’t make it good, just because a logo is memorable doesn’t make it good, and so on. The importance of good logo design is the combination of all of these elements to work together on an end product. Unfortunately, some companies spend thousands to millions of dollars on logos that really just don’t work or forget to update their logos as their brand, mission, and design technology changes. So, we’ve taken these logos a step further and asked a five-year-old to interpret these logos for them. If a logo can be remembered by a child, it can definitely be said that you’re on the right track for anyone to remember your logo and come back to use your service, over and over.

Children Create Popular Logos

20 Examples of Popular Logos redesigned by a child
Your logo is your brand’s story. It’s more than a pattern or lines or the text, but it’s the meaning behind what you’re trying to do with your business. Remember that there is a trap for logos, and that is coming up with something very artistically pleasing that isn’t identifiable with the company as a whole. There are tons of really great things that can be done with a logo, but is your logo identifiable? Does it relate to your company? Is it memorable? If your logo is identifiable and if you’re able to use the logo perfectly for your needs, then it is a successful logo for your company, no matter how seemingly elaborate or “generic” it may seem.