Need A Logo – Make It Good!

October 05, 2015

If you have a brand, be it a personal one or a company, you need a logo. It can even be text, a symbol, or a mixture of both, but you need something over nothing, because otherwise, you’re missing a key component of that brand.

A logo is not just a symbol.

You shouldn’t limit your horizons by making something abstract that may not have any connection with your brand. When you’re designing your logo, you can add an icon or symbol, especially if you have a long brand name or it’s a bit confusing without some help explaining. For example, if your company has an incredibly long name, like Harley-Davidson Motor Company, and you’re in the public eye, how do you make it fit? If you’re selling actual items, you want something that looks like good on a receipt. In this case, a symbol works great. But what makes a good icon compliment your brand? If you sell cheese, you shouldn’t have a tomato as your symbol because there’s a disconnect. Let’s use a real-world example to try and figure out a better use-case.

Let’s say your company sells large, industrial, going places rockets. Your company name is Mike’s Intergalactic Rockets For Moving Large Items To Space. The problem you face is branding your company. How do you show you’re moving parts across the country, building cool launchpads, and shipping stuff to space on shiny rockets. Obviously, this is a perfect use-case for using a symbol, a cool and flashy one that will look great blasting off into space. Where do you start?

Start with the basics.

Your company does rockets, so why not your company name wrapped around a spaceship, or maybe even your logo spinning around a galaxy. Both of those convey, with some common sense applied, an idea of what you’re doing to someone on the outside of your company. That’s the immediate problem a logo helps solve, it helps bring an understanding of what you’re doing quickly and without too much head-scratching. After all, it shouldn’t be rocket science to understand your brand.

Let’s look at something seemingly simpler like a fashion blog. You obviously want to design a logo that looks sophisticated and chic, but not overdone. You want to convey the coolness as much as possible. A text logo would be great for this situation. The blog is called Pavement Patterns. Think about both words. They both start with P, they play off each other, and they’re very street-style sounding. You might start with something that works off the two capital Ps. It’s really that simple.

We can do this forever, but the point I’m trying to hit home with is that you need to make your brand something more than just a name you filed on an LLC form. If your brand doesn’t have a logo, it’s lacking a core identity that will help you connect with customers, be it B2B or B2C. Some of the most business-to-business companies have simple and strong logos. Look at Oracle, one of the leaders in B2B software space. Oracle’s logo conveys authority, power, and an all around dominance, something you’d expect from one of the leading SAAS providers. But watch out, because this can be turned against you. Take SalesForce, one of the top Oracle competitors. Their logo has a much happier vibe to it, almost like the Sith vs. the Jedis.

Your logo design can convey many things, some you might not have thought of.

If you are making your logo, come up with a few options, and don’t be afraid to ask for people’s opinion. You might see one thing, but they might see something else. It’s a lot easier to change your logo before you make it public facing. Make something that you’re proud to display and that other people are fine with seeing, are willing to put it in their house, on their phone, on their laptop, or on another prime piece of personal real estate.

If you interact with anyone, from setting up a Facebook page for your B2B operation, to selling a product anyone can use, you’ve got to have a public face. Without it, you’ll be forgotten faster than a goldfish forgets where it is, and you really don’t want that. Not sure to start when it comes to making your logo? Give Tailor Brands a try! We’ll help you through the creativity roadblocks, and chances are, we’ll help you find your inner creative you didn’t know you had, to create the next awesome logo for your brand.