Not Using Images in Social Posts? You’re Doing it Wrong.

June 9, 2016


In the realm of social media, images have more of an impact than text does. Social media channels ranging from Facebook to Twitter and beyond have introduced changes aimed at providing more graphic content, whether that be adjusting advertising to use larger images, longer video times allowed on the platform, or making adding a GIF a breeze. One of the most popular ways that businesses are suggested to impart information is through the use of infographics, literally giving data a visual component, and these graphs are wildly shared across the internet.

Why You Should Use Images For Social Posts

Since 2011, the idea that imaged based social media has resonated with some surprising statistics. Large organizations and marketing guidelines have looked at the ways that brands can increase engagement, and it all comes down to images.

Flash sale image used on Tailor Brands

Don’t believe us? Check out the numbers:

For a small business or brand, what does this mean? It means that images are going to be a strong selling point for what you’re doing. Images are easier to consume information with instead of solely text posts, and posting high-quality images can help. Branding these images can help.

Branded social post image example

Research suggests gathering information from a text post has its downfalls. Biologically, words are harder for the brain to process than images, since letters represent symbols which have their own meanings, and symbols in different orders have different meanings than symbols in others. Images are able to make understanding information a lot easier, and more importantly, more memorable. While only 10% of information is recalled three days later on its own, 65% of information is retained after three days when it is accompanied with an image.

How to Use Visual Content for Social Media Marketing

Consider your own personal relationship with social media. What are the posts that get you to like, comment, share, or retweet? What brands do you follow on these accounts and why do you pay attention to what they’re doing? How many of these are imaged based and how many of these are text? Most likely, you’re actively engaging with visual content across brands you love, and there’s a reason why these are being posted for you to look at. Not only are your processing the information quicker (reading a funny joke versus seeing a hilarious image) but the image is more likely to be shared with others since it’s a quick, nearly instantaneous laugh.

Social image shared by Tailor Brands with high engagement

So how can you use visuals to help increase engagement on social media and traffic to your site or business? Easy!

  • Use high-quality, free stock images to share information and posts
  • Consider switching between text and image-based posts
  • Limit the amount of words on social posts and give people a reason to click through
  • Stimulate visuals with filters or enhancements that give others pause
  • Extend the character limit of your Tweets with an image
  • Use images to drive engagement with a “Caption This” game or competition
  • Share personal posts to humanize your brand
  • Put your photos front and center on your timelines (make sure it’s branded!)
  • Inspire people to take action or share by posting well wishes

Images help to drive the story that your brand is telling, and can help your business do this better than your competitors, putting you at the forefront of your industry. The numbers on visual marketing don’t lie here! When it comes down to what is going to be the most valuable for others to see, learn from, and share, visual content is the way to go!

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