Our No-Brainer Guide to Social Post Content

July 5, 2016

It is recommended that businesses post to social media often. How often? Depending on the channel, you may see yourself posting as little as once a day (LinkedIn and Google+) or as many as eight times per day (Twitter). While this may seem excessive, there is a staunch reasoning behind why any small business or brand should be posting often to their channels. Whether it’s due to the quick posting rate of the channel that sees posts quickly pushed down in favor of new ones to the use of an algorithm that determines a user’s interests and posts those first, you need to be sure that your potential customer or client is seeing your posts, and, importantly, interacting with them.

Staying Engaged With Social Media Content

With such a rapid pace for needing to post, you may be wondering what can possibly be used to keep users engaged or interested on social media, or even further, what you can possibly be posting to help garner content for posts. Remember that image-based posts are the best for keeping users interested and engaged and combining posts with images can be powerful for your small business!

Where to Find Social Media Content

Consistent content is important for leveraging your brand within the small business space, but knowing where to find content that you can rely on can be difficult. There are some really great spaces for discovering your next social post if you know where to look!

  • Creating your own content in the form of a blog associated with your brand. You can write about your brand, news, personal stories, and more that can then be recycled to social media to drive traffic to your site.
  • Existing blogs of industry leaders. See what’s trending, what people are speaking about, and new updates in your field. These can be posted with your own commentary!
  • Scan Twitter for talking points and trending topics by searching for things related to your business, or retweeting and following those that are sharing great points.
  • Follow pages on Facebook that you like and are related to your brand. Follow some of the pages that are similar to them until you’re finding pages that have great content you’re able to share from.
  • Recycle your old content! Posted something that is still relevant? Add a twist and repost!
  • Scour Pinterest boards for tips, tricks, and associated images.
  • Connect with other people in your industry and trade guest posts- it’s a new voice with fresh content!
  • Experiment with social media analytics that are built into some platforms and see what is working best for your brand. Try and post more of the content that is driving engagement!
  • Tap into content aggregators and communities (such as Reddit) to stay involved in the latest resources available.

Some of the best places to find content is on the sites you’re posting to. By reposting, sharing, and engaging with your unique perspective added to the mix, you can encourage the type of social media marketing that is profitable for your brand.

Content Ideas for Social Media

Great! Now that you’ve been able to find great content to post, how can you share it in a way that’s different, unique, and encourages engagement? This is where it takes a little bit of love and creativity!

Below are some ideas of how you can present content to your audience:

  • Take inspiring or important quotes and takeaways from an article or figurehead
  • Share information in the form of an infographic
  • Turn a tip or trick into someone everyone can use via social sharing
  • Share photos, behind the scenes images, social posts, and inspirational images
  • Encourage engagement with a fill-in-the-blank option
  • Find interesting statistics and data to show
  • Interactive content, such as quizzes or games
  • Emotionally charged posts that make people happy
  • News! Both in your industry and for your brand.
  • Links to free resources and tools people will find interesting
  • Fan photos and product images with associated hashtags
  • Memes, comics, and content that makes people laugh
  • Brand-themed images
  • Polls and votes
  • Holiday-specific quotes and content
  • Throwback images
  • Posts about employees or group outings
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Discounts and coupon codes
  • Shout outs to other businesses, establishments, and fans

Use Tailor Brands to create perfect social posts that you can share across social images, combining gorgeous images with text. Using branded messaging, anyone that shares or comments on your post will also be sharing the message of your brand with their followers.

Combined with images, posts can garner intense interest and buzz for your brand. Stay on top of your posts by using a social media scheduling tool to post in advance. This can ensure that your social posts are always going out on time, even if you are too busy that day or out of the office. Setting up a social media calendar helps to organize all of the content you’re sharing over time, and see what you’ve posted a lot of, what has been completed, what needs additional work, and more!