The Tailor Brands Logo Maker Isn’t Just for Logos!

May 22, 2015

While a logo is a strong image that can represent your company or brand in any situation, there’s a lot of specific situations that can call for a graphic representation as well. Here are some images made to celebrate occasions – all made in Tailor Brands!

Retirement Party Logo

Example of a Retirement Party Design

Send off a retiring colleague with a custom design to celebrate the lifestyle they are looking forward to!

Thank You Logo

Example of a Thank You Design

Say “Thank you” with extra sincerity with a card you designed yourself. Tailor Brands has a huge selection of abstract images and specific icons, if you want to reference a specific situation. This personal touch can carry your thanks with love! Our algorithm will cater to whatever tone or style appropriate for you.

Example of a Prom Invitation Design

Invite to Prom Invitation

To-the-point and visually striking, this versatile statement of intent would look great on a sign being waved at a special someone from across a field or cafeteria at school, or somewhere more romantic someplace else.

Happy Birthday Design

Happy Birthday Wish

Show your friend how much you care by designing something personal that incorporates what she loves! These logos can be used on invitations and custom stationery such as place cards and goodie bags. Maybe print out these logos and use them as cupcake toppers, or even have this design printed on a cake?

Father's Day Logo Design

Example of a Father’s Day Design

Make a card for dad, designed from scratch by you! Then, write whatever you want inside of it – a message he’ll remember, in a package he’ll remember.

Anniversary Logo Design Example

Logo Celebrating an Anniversary

Browse our wide selection of romantic images to celebrate a wedding, anniversary, or vow renewal! Together we can design a custom theme for your event, that would look great all over invitations, thank you notes, programs, placards, gift bags, and watermarked on photos.

Example of a Retirement Logo

Retirement Logo for Coach

Is a coach leaving to go on to bigger and better things? A mentor? A teacher? Let them know how much you appreciate them with a goodbye made from scratch with our logo maker and the feelings from your heart.

Graduation Logo Design

Example of a Graduation Design

Congratulate a new grad with their very own poster, card, or cake decoration as they leave college to explore what life has to offer! Make a design expressing your encouragement with our logo maker in just a few minutes.