Tailor Made: Tactical Moves
With Gear CEO

March 8, 2016

There are some things that we do for money, and there are other things we do because simply put, we love them. Sometimes this may be a hobby that develops into a passion that you realize you can turn into a living. For two brothers in Georgia, their love of the outdoors and entrepreneurship  gave rise to Gear CEO, a business to connect outdoor enthusiasts with the products they need by curating a list of camping, hiking, military surplus, tactical gear and much, much more. If you want to buy tactical gear, survival products, military surplus, camping items, or outdoor gear Gear CEO is your one-stop-shop! From time to time, they offer impressive flash sales and giveaways to anyone who is on their email list.

Tactical Supply Equipment

Brent Bigham is the co-founder of Gear CEO, is also one-half of the duo that started the company. He explains his passion and drive for providing this service, saying, “My brother and I have always been passionate about nature – whether it be fishing, hunting, hiking, or photography we love experiencing the wild. We used to spend summer nights camping in the mountains of North Georgia or hiking along the Appalachian trail. Back in the day, we would always have trouble finding the gear we wanted at a fair price with corresponding peer reviews. After much contemplation, we decide to pull the trigger and start selling our own products. Since then we have tried to fill all the aforementioned gaps within the industry.”

Gear CEO has already made a name for itself in the online sphere. Bigham correlates this to their fresh look at the typical e-commerce website, noting, “Within our industry, most sites are outdated, hard to navigate, and just generally clunky. We don’t view our web shop as an online catalogue that exists only for transactional purposes. We have taken an approach that online shopping should be a simple, friendly, and beautiful experience.”

In addition to the emphasis on beautiful design, customer experience is a high priority. “We hold customer service in high regard. This means that we only list inventory on our consumer-facing site if it is in stock and ready to be shipped immediately. This also means that we work very hard to answer all questions in a timely manner, exceed customers expectations, and provide lightning fast shipping. One of my biggest complaints with e-commerce is ordering a product impulsively and then having to wait, and wait, and wait for delivery. There is nothing worse than waiting weeks for your order!”

Website Header for Gear CEO

There are a unique set of challenges that come with being a small business owner that brings its own specific resolve. “Being a small business owner has been both challenging and rewarding. For me, I’m not sure who said it but I am a big fan of the quote, ‘The universe rewards action, not thought.’ I have learned along the way that I cannot get crippled with a to-do list that is a mile long. Instead, I have to just jump in and get going,” notes Bigham. “Getting started is half the battle! Once I am pumping out work I seem to have clarity and am better able to prioritize different tasks. I would tell any aspiring small business owner to just take the first step. If you have an exciting idea, take a shot at it. We live in a day where the barrier to entry for starting your own business is lower than ever. Seriously, you can now get a logo, create a website, and spin up a 1-800 number for a relatively modest fee.”

Additionally, comments Bigham, “We believe that branding is extremely important. Seriously, I cannot overstate the value of brand equity for us – it is absolutely essential to our mission. We strongly believe that branding is how you’re perceived by the outside world. This means that we had to carefully consider our target audience to appeal to their preferences. Accordingly, we want to appear professional and sophisticated. We’re actually in the process of a site redesign right now that will be more tailored to our audience. In our market, we are selling products that are almost completely commoditized, ie. our exact same products can be found elsewhere for the exact same price. This means that we have to compete and distinguish ourselves from the sea of competition. One of the main ways that we do this is through the customer experience and branding.”

For small business owners and others looking to jumpstart their entrepreneurial careers, the thought of starting off on their own may seem wildly intimidating. Starting a store where you know there is competition in the same arena can be intimidating. For other business owners, Bigham and Gear CEO have some advice: “Don’t launch your business in isolation or by yourself. A community of like-minded entrepreneurs has been my life line. Leaving a standard 9-5 can be full of stress and anxiety. To combat the fears you need to surround yourself with others in a similar circumstance. It doesn’t matter if it is a mentor or a group of peers, just find a support system to help provide inspiration along the way. Most cities have different entrepreneurial communities that you can join. If these are not available ask someone that you consider successful out to coffee and pick his or her brain. There’s also a whole host of online forums to learn and grow from. Google is your friend. When you’re having legal trouble or at a technical impasse a like-minded and experienced peer can provide resources & encouragement to continue.”

Of course, it always helps to keep some barriers to entry low when working in the small business arena. Tailor Brands is one such way that you can get off on the right foot and put the focus of your small business where it matters. “It was through an organic Google search. Again, Google is your friend,” Bigham has stated about finding and using Tailor Brands. “My partner and I were looking to step up our branding game and we stumbled across the DIY wizard. Before we stumbled across Tailor we actually tried out multiple other services and couldn’t find a simple and modern logo that we would be happy to represent our company. On the Tailor site, we played around with the wizard for quite awhile. After A/B testing three different variations, we landed on our current package.”

Additional Tactical Gear from Gear CEO

As a quickly-growing business, Gear CEO has a lot on their plate for the upcoming year and have some exciting things up their sleeves. Bigham notes that they’re in the process of focusing on SEO and content marketing to help expand their reach. “The wheels are turning on another super-secret project that we should be launching sometime next year. It is a bit premature to mention now! Feel free to join our mailing list if you want to learn more or stay abreast of our announcements. Also, because Tailor Brands has provided value for our small business we want to do something special and extend an exclusive deal for anyone that is interested in making a purchase. Use the code TAILOR10 to get a 10% discount off any order for the next 90 days.”

Tailor Made is an ongoing series where we feature our clients and what they’re doing since creating their logo and launching their brand with the help of Tailor Brands. Interested in being included in an upcoming Tailor Made? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll be in touch!