Top 10 Twitter Lessons For Your Business

September 27, 2016

We recently posted a blog about the top tips for utilizing Instagram, and we’re continuing this social media series with many of the top platforms that businesses use to engage their current customers and appeal to new ones. Twitter is great for up-to-the-minute updates, and information on Twitter moves fast! Many businesses choose to engage in conversations on this platform, both with businesses and individuals, all within 140 characters. Even within those limit constraints, Twitter can be valuable for the spreading information and connecting with your audience. But while Twitter can be second-nature for some, it’s a little more complicated for others. We’re here to help break Twitter down a little further for you and help to ensure that you’re using this platform the most effectively for your needs!

  • Choose a Twitter handle that represents your business. Your Twitter handle and profile image are the two things that will consistently appear when you interact with customers and other businesses, and these need to accurately represent you! Your Twitter handle, most effectively, should be your name or something notable about what you’re doing. Consider this! It’s difficult to change your handle once you’ve chosen one, and other users will get used to your name being what it is.

Refinery29 Twitter Handle Example

  • Take the time to put together your profile. Nothing is less appealing to other Twitter users than an uncompleted profile without a profile picture, cover header, or bio. After choosing your Twitter name, fill out your bio with a little about your brand and a link to your website or other social media channels. Use your logo design as your profile image, and a branded social header that relates to what you do. Your visuals will likely convey a lot of information by a quick look so be sure these are accurate representations! Side note: if you need a logo or branded social cover, Tailor Brands can help you out!

Profile and Social Image for Coca Cola's Twitter

  • Don’t be afraid to follow people and follow back. Following related businesses and important people in your space is important for keeping abreast of news and joining in conversations. Why would you want to do this? One of the main tips for attracting followers and customers is by becoming an authority in your field – and when you’re the person who knows what’s happening and having influential conversations with important people will place you as your authority in your field, or at least someone very interesting to follow.
  • Tweeting links? There’s a proper way to do it. If you’re tweeting out links to articles, there’s a proper way to do it. If it’s your tweet, be sure to include your message with the link and an appropriate hashtag to draw people to the tweet. Adding commentary brings your own personality to the table and prevents your Twitter from being simply a repository for information – and even if you quote or retweet from another source, be sure to add a little bit of your own opinion. Further, don’t only tweet articles from the same source. Having a myriad of people that you follow can help ensure that your information stays dynamic.

Linked tweet from H&M

  • Engage in conversations by using trending hashtags or directly engaging users. The trending hashtags bar can clue you into some of the things that people in your area and around the world are currently speaking about. Using these hashtags can involve your account in the conversation as well. Or, directly tweet at users who are speaking about this topic to directly engage them and get their opinion on what’s happening.

Mindstream Studio Tweet

  • Don’t over-tweet unimportant details. It is easy for a Twitter account to become a dumping ground for personal or mundane thoughts. Unless you’re using humor to shed light on the mundane, your daily tasks may be a lot less interesting to others. Every once in awhile, this works great to humanize your account, but excessive commentary on your day-to-day life will most likely miss the mark.
  • Use lists to organize your feed once you start following a lot of people. Twitter lists allow you to segment your audience and create multiple, smaller feeds that can make engagement a little easier for you, or differentiate business accounts and personal accounts. You stream will be easier to read, and you’ll be able to engage as needed!
  • Schedule tweets in advance to reduce your burden. We’ve posted blogs about the recommended number of times that you should be posting to Twitter per day, and this can be overwhelming! One way to ease your Twitter burden or maintain a presence when you’re busy is by posting Tweets in advance using tools such as Buffer. This is perfect for throwbacks, old articles or news you think you should revisit, and anything that isn’t necessarily time-specific. You can even use this advanced method to post information about sales and promotions you know are coming.
  • Avoid some recommended, but spammy methods to garner followers. There are a lot of recommended ways to help garner followers that some social media experts will claim are foolproof but can actually be spammy and more frustrating. Examples include sending automatic direct messages to those that follow your account, using more than three hashtags per tweet, directly tweeting at people with a direct link to your website or storefront, favoriting or retweeting every tweet that you’re mentioned in, and follow – unfollow strategies.
  • Don’t forget about the power of images for Twitter. People respond to visuals on social media, and using pictures and videos can help you to engage with others. There is a lot of evidence showing the ways that images help social accounts succeed, and a new visual angle will help your engagement!

Properly Using Images in Tweets from Zazzle

Twitter is secondary to some and involves work for others, but regardless of what your skill set may be, the above tips are important to ensure continual engagement on the platform. Get it all out in your 140 characters! Happy tweeting.