Top 11 Facebook Lessons For Your Business

September 29, 2016

Facebook is a social media and advertising giant, with over 1 billion active users that use the platform on a regular basis. This is not only a huge number of people but gives you the perfect opportunity to reach the immediate audience in your community and a larger, global audience as well. While you may have your own personal Facebook account that you use to provide life updates and speak with friends and acquaintances, your business Facebook page will have a bit of a different purpose than your personal one.

  • Schedule important posts in advance. There’s a value to posting in real time on Facebook, but for your own sanity, you can explore means of posting information without needing to actively be on your Facebook. This is built right into the “post” feature. Instead of “Post”, choose “Schedule”, and implement a date and time in the future your post should be shared. This can be helpful during busy weeks when you’re running a promotion, or simply just want to post a holiday wish.


  • Use the “Boost Post” feature for notable posts. Boost post is a paid advertising option where you can allocate even a small sum of money to push the post into other people’s newsfeeds. When used correctly, this can be a valuable tool for increasing conversions and growing your Facebook following. We recommend this for informative blog posts and promotions that you definitely want people to reach!

Example of a Facebook Boosted Post by UrbanStems


  • Appropriately brand your Facebook page. As with any social media account that you want to filter followers to, you’ll want to be sure that your Facebook page has identifying information about your business. For businesses, this can be your company logo and branded cover photo. If you’re a solopreneur, then consider a professional headshot and a branded cover image with your logo. Even better, change these images with the season to connect with followers.

MealPal's Branded Facebook Images

  • Use incentives as a way to get a user to like your page. With so many pages on Facebook, how can you convince a user to engage with yours? One way to do this is to offer a perk for liking your page, such as offering a discount. Consider doing this through email newsletters, or even offering an offer directly on your Facebook page. Be careful since anything that is done on Facebook needs to abide by their guidelines to prevent your page from being prematurely shut down.


  • Videos and images are the best content to be posting. Unlike Twitter, which can be text-based, other social media platforms place higher value on videos and photographs. In many studies, the highest kind of engagement that is seen on these social channels occurs on posts with some other visual component included. Videos tend to be better than images for engagement, but only if they’re well done! Explore social post options that utilize higher visual quality.

Video Campaign from Google's Facebook Page


  • Refresh your content often. One of the biggest mistakes business make is reusing the same images over and over again without taking new ones. As important as visual content is, you’ll also be needing to use content that relates, and once someone has seen your image once, they don’t need to see it again. Connected, using your Business Insights can really help determine what people connect with – and use content like this more often.


  • Use your cover photo as marketing. We’ve mentioned that having engaging and rotating cover photos can help to convince engagement, but you can take this further. As you rotate your cover photo for the holidays, seasons, or for a promotion, use the description to include a link to a relevant page on your website or blog. These links will appear on your follower’s feeds for more exposure to your page! Or, as the largest and initial image that a user will see when visiting your page, you can use your cover image to promote events you have happening.

TechCrunch's Marketing Facebook Cover Photo

  • Be sure to post consistently. As the Facebook newsfeed algorithm changes often, it will be important to stay at the top. You’ll appear higher if people are engaging with your posts, and people will engage when they see your posts. Unfortunately, posts are not rendered chronologically, meaning that you won’t often reach all of your followers. This means that you’ll need to post more than once to Facebook – and we have a handy guide explaining how often you should be posting to social sites. Even try posting outside of regular business hours to see how that affects your engagement.


  • Consider post targeting when you are posting. Post targeting segments your followers based on age, gender, location, or interest and choosing this option will weight your post more heavily to these populations. Posting about a local event? Targeting those in your hometown may be the be best way to get your post noticed!


  • Your About section is more powerful than you may realize! Your About section is a part of your profile where you can clue your potential fans in about what it is that your business does and any notable milestones you’d like to promote. You have the option for a Short or a Long description, and use these appropriately! This is a great way to tell your company’s story, and while images can bring users in, your story can be what makes them stay.

Etsy- About


  • Don’t post about any and all topics. There’s a reason you have a different personal page and Business page. Your Business page should stay on topic about your Brand and related information about your field. Your personal page is where you can post life updates, your random thoughts, or anything outside of what’s relevant for your business page. Staying on track is essential!

Facebook has some important options that are available for business owners and those that should be considered! If you create a business page, you’ll have access to the business, analytics platform that provides important insights on the kinds of people visiting your page, when they’re visiting it, and what kind of posts they’re liking. This is the perfect way to take your business’s social media to the next level!