Top 8 Pinterest Lessons For Your Business

October 04, 2016

While some industries may not find their niche on Pinterest, for other businesses, it’s the perfect fit. However, there are great ways that it can be creatively used for any industry. For example, Drake University has a board full of cute bulldogs since their mascot is a Bulldog, Lowe’s has building inspiration, Benjamin Moore has a gorgeous door feature, and Sephora uses nail polish inspiration to appeal to users. Where there is a little bit of creative thinking, there’s a perfect Pinterest board that can help increase your engagement!

Why should you consider Pinterest if you haven’t already? With over 100 million Pinners, Pinterest differs from other platforms since it values recency in posts and evergreen content. There are some other very notable statistics: 87% of Pinners have purchased a product directly due to Pinterest, Pinners have a higher average order value than other platforms, Pinterest users have a 9% higher income than non-users, and 66% note that Pinterest helps brands fit into everyday life. With stats like this, you’ll need to consider Pinterest!

  1. Use Pinterest properly. Sign up on Pinterest and use the browser button to make pinning items to boards simply. The button will allow you to simply click the button and have it pinned directly to the board you’d like, with the description you’d like, while including a link to the original place that it was found.
  2. Follow specific boards or people. Go ahead and be sure to follow boards and people that relate to your industry, or relate to the kinds of boards that you’re posting. This will help you find new content to promote to your followers as well. One hint for finding new boards and pins to follow on Pinterest is to find someone in your space and see who they’re following.
  3. Pin more often then you post to other social media sites. Along with appearing chronologically, there is a higher frequency of posting to Pinterest than other social sites. You should be able to pin up to 30 times per day, as long as you are spacing out your pins appropriately. This has been shown to be beneficial for increasing your engagement
  4. Include price tags on pins. Since Pinterest can be such a powerful tool for influencing purchases, including items from your website with the prices is important. According to some data, Pinterest pins including prices get 36% more likes than those without the prices included.
  5. Build your brand image using other content. For small businesses, being sure that you have a lot of content may not be feasible for constant, over and over posting. This does not mean that a small business cannot compete on this platform! You can continue building your brand by relating your business to others, pinning content from other businesses, but as consistently as possible to stay up to date.
  6. Search for pins using the Popular and Everything pages. Compiling content for Pinterest can easy! Searching the Popular and Everything pages is perfect for inspiration and seeing what is not only getting people to respond but is new and noteworthy. Both of these can make your Pinterest boards a hot commodity!
  7. Repin other users that you like. On other social sites, likings, favoriting, or hearting are some of the ways that you show that you like what they say or the image that they post. On Pinterest, repinning is how you’ll convey “like” for another person’s posts. Repinning gives the original user a notification, and this is a great way to get other users to repay the favor.
  8. Don’t ignore the power of descriptions. Each description of a pin is the perfect way to appeal to users. You’ll want to use proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation in helpful descriptions. Use important keywords that other users might be searching for, with a discernable call to action that avoids a salesy tone. 100 character or less pin descriptions seem to be the most effective

Honestly, Pinterest provides a treasure-trove of opportunity for small business marketers, however, it can be time-consuming. It’s easy to get lost in a great group of Pinterest boards or spend time scouring the internet for the perfect pin, so pin wisely! Are there any Pinterest tips or tricks that we missed that you rely on? We’d love to hear it!