What Baseball Logos Would Look Like If They Were Designed In the ’80s

March 31, 2016

It’s almost Major League Baseball’s opening day! No matter where your team loyalties lie, the only thing more American than apple pie is baseball. We’ve taken that a step further by imagining what it would look like if some of our favorite teams had their logos designed in the ’80’s.

’80’s Rebrand of Major League Baseball

Image Rebranding Five Popular Baseball Teams With a 1980's Twist

How did we choose these particular teams? ON August 19, 2015, Forbes took a look at how baseball teams interact with their fans on social media, and which of these teams have the most loyal following on these platforms. Why did we choose the 1980’s? Simple! Some of the most active users on social media, especially when it comes to sports social media, are those that were born in the ’80s or in the early ’90’s, influenced heavily by the design aesthetic and culture of this time period. Besides, the ’80’s is always fun!

Looking for a closer look at these logos?

Houston Astros Baseball Rebrand
Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Rebrand
New York Mets Baseball Rebrand
New York Yankees Baseball Rebrand
Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Rebrand

This isn’t the first time we’ve explored what sports teams would look like in a different arena! Check out our previous Hipster Rebrand of the NFL!