You Don’t Post Enough to Social Media

June 7, 2016


Are you posting to social media over 20 times per day? If not, you’re doing it wrong. It almost goes without saying that posting to social media is expected for nearly all businesses and brands. Posting is the best way that any business is able to connect with their followers, offer specials or promotions, attract new attention, and drive sales or actions. With so many social media sites out there (and more and more being created regularly!), knowing how often, when, and what to post can be complicated. For some sites, posting more than once a day may be seen as negative, but for others, posting more often is ideal.

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How Often Should I Post to Social Media?

Great question! The first thing you may want to ask yourself is where you’re posting. Industry experts suggest some daily averages for the most popular social sites out there.

  • Facebook: 2
  • Twitter: 4-10
  • Instagram: 2
  • Pinterest: 5
  • Google+: 3
  • LinkedIn: 1

In addition to posting fresh, relevant content, any brand should also be replying to customers that engage on these posts. This can definitely seem overwhelming! One way to ease this is to make a bunch of social posts in advance and use a social media scheduling tool to plan and post these in advance, which leads to the next question…

When Should I Post to Social Media?

People oftentimes also post to social media at different times, and engagement differs! Depending on how people use the social media in question, the audience may or may not be there. For example, many people oftentimes use Instagram when they’re not working, but have LinkedIn pulled up immediately before and after their workday to leverage their connections.

  • Facebook: Between 9AM and 7 PM, with high afternoon engagement
  • Twitter: Between 12-6 PM
  • Instagram: 5-6 PM weekdays, off work hours
  • Pinterest: Between 2-4 PM and 8-11 PM
  • Google+: 9-11 AM
  • LinkedIn: 7-8AM and 5-6PM, Tuesday through Thursday

According to these estimates, any given day of the week can have a business seeing up to 23 posts per day! Even if they’re scheduled perfectly, knowing what to post can be difficult to determine as well.

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What Should I Post to Social Media?

Knowing what to post is also important. Social media is very visual, and eye-catching posts will naturally garner a lot more attention than text-only posts. Consider some of the brands that show up on your feeds- more often than not, written content is supported with images or videos!

  • Facebook: Videos, photos, and brand updates
  • Twitter: Images, retweets of other people, fresh updates, updated tweets to re engage users
  • Instagram: Beautiful imagery, product offerings, and behind-the-scenes looks
  • Pinterest: Anything beautiful and visually appealing and anything related to your industry
  • Google+: Visual components for new company blogs, company news, and news articles
  • LinkedIn: Industry insights and company news

There are numerous suggestions about the best practices for posting to social media, what counts as too much and too little, but overwhelmingly, the best determination of how often anyone should be posting depends on their business and what they can keep up with. When it comes to your brand, put yourself on the right side of social media engagement by posting frequently and relevantly.

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