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Examples of Band Logo Designs From Tailor Brands

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Why You Need a Band Logo

Band and musician logos have the power to be some of the most iconic out there. Oftentimes, big brands and companies will talk about their logo designs as an influence, but what about bands whose logos speak louder? Consider the logos of The Monkees, The Beatles, The Doors, Gorillaz, Nirvana, Weezer, Metallica, The Ramones, Run DMC, Nine Inch Nails, and The Rolling Stones. These designs are immediately recognizable and have been mimicked all over pop culture.

As a way to grab attention and promote sales, logos are key. A good logo can go a long way when it comes to recognition. When your design is great, your fans will be more willing to purchase merchandize with your logo on it, spreading the word about your design for an organic marketing campaign.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the band logo design should convey the kind of music that you play. As the primary identifying factor, both the logo and the music should work hand-in-hand with one another to make a deep, meaningful impact.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the band or musician logo design should convey the kind of music that you play. As the primary identifying factor, both the logo and the music should work hand-in-hand with one another to make a deep, meaningful impact

“To help you design a great musician or band logo we have put together some tips to help guide you”


Elements and Styles of Band Logos

Fonts –

Choosing the right font is crucial when designing your logo. Bands are usually known by their names and having a unique font can give your brand even more personality. Some of the most famous band fonts in history are memorable for a few reasons:

  • They connect to the band’s overall feeling and the broader genre – Fonts can elicit emotional reactions, and they can offer symbolic meanings. By using a font that connects to specific emotions, fonts help explain a band’s style visually. Additionally, different genres are more inclined to use specific styles (like, for instance, how punk rock prefers ‘graffiti’-style lettering).
  • There are no set rules for fonts, so they offer yet another creative canvas – When creating a font, bands aren’t always tied down to existing norms. Consider Metallica’s now iconic word mark, and how it feels ‘metal’ even though it’s completely unique. By thinking outside the box, you can create fonts and typefaces that are more connected to your band.
  • Fonts can take on a life of their own and be used elsewhere, giving you free branding – It’s a common occurrence to see popular fonts and styles be copied and used elsewhere. For a band, seeing their logo font used widely is a great form of free publicity. While the specific message may change, the font’s first association will always be with their brand.

Colors – 

Selecting the right colors goes beyond simply which looks better. Colors can transmit different meanings and give a deeper context to a band’s logo. For some bands, a name may not be enough to visually communicate their genre and style. Choosing the right color combination can instantly establish them within a movement and tell the world what they’re about. Here are some colors that work well within popular genres

  • Punk Rock – Punk rock is about power, speed, and youthful aggression. The genre is filled with bands looking to fight established power norms and embracing a willingness to be different. Many punk rock bands choose energetic colors such as red, which elicits energy, urgency, and passion. It’s complement, black, transmits feelings of power, directness, and strength.

  • Hip-Hop – Much like punk rock, hip-hop bucks the established trends in favor of originality and a powerful message. Luminaries of the field like Run DMC and Outkast have embraced the black motif which conveys power, honesty, and directness while the combination with neutral colors symbolize balance and a calm demeanor. Some even include red to show their energy and power.

  • Marching Bands – For marching bands, the color choice is made for them in most cases. However, you can still choose how you display them, giving you the best combination of emotion and balance to communicate your group’s feeling and drive.

Logo Inspiration

Here are some of our favorite band logos to help you find the inspiration you’re looking for

The Rolling Stones – One of the most iconic rock bands in history also has one of the most memorable logos. The band’s iconic lips use a bright red with no font, leaving the image alone to convey the Stone’s raw sexual appeal and energetic drive.

Daft Punk – Daft Punk is famous for constantly pushing boundaries with their futuristic look and appeal. Their font, which looks like pooled mercury or quicksilver with the accompanying bright colors in the background, communicates the band’s Avant Garde appeal. Their punk-looking font also places them firmly in the company of other ‘outsiders’ who still reach the mainstream.

Nirvana – The forefathers of Grunge also have a timeless logo. The smiley face and low-key look highlight their break from the rock scene of the time, and their loose personality. The brightly juxtaposing colors also catch the eye instantly.

Led Zeppelin – With a font that has at times had different icons but always remained constant, Led Zeppelin’s word mark is instantly recognizable. The different sized and sometimes compressed font gives the logo a sense of kinetic energy and highlights their unique, bold sound.

Deadmau5 – The popular DJ’s logo, which borrows elements from Disney’s Mickey Mouse adds a bright red tone and oversized facial features. The bright color and cartoonish face are ideal for Deadmau5’s fun, vibrant, and high-energy music sets.

Megadeth– Still one of the most iconic word marks in music, Megadeth’s stylized logo has not changed since the early 80s. The font has become synonymous with heavy metal, and its flourished font combines simplicity with the thunder and lightning metal music represents.


How the Rolling Stones’ Logo was Made

One of the most easily recognizable logos in music history, The Rolling Stones’ icon remains unchanged from the day it was created. The logo was designed by English graphic artist John Pasche. He claims the inspiration for the now-infamous logo came from his first impressions of front-man Mick Jagger. His big lips and mouth led to the creation of the ‘tongue and lips’ logo, which is considered one of the best band logos of all time. Inspiration can come from the simplest places but should never be ignored.

Don’t Miss a Beat

A band’s brand is a central part of their identity. When you start thinking of your design, consider how each element—font, colors, icons—will add to your message, and tell the world what your music is all about. Think about your band’s sound, fans, and community to develop a logo that shines through in a timeless appeal.