Create a Gaming Logo Has Never Been Easier

Making a logo through Tailor Brands is all play and no work. The free design process is as fun as the games you work with! Level up with a free logo now for your development, manufacturing, distribution, toy, board game, tabletop game, RPG, online gaming company or Twitch channel. Ready? Let’s start this quest!

Check Out Some of Our Gaming Logo Designs

If you’re part of an eSports team, a lone gamer or if you’re a sophisticated Let’s Player looking to give yourself a new image, a professional logo can help you stand out and be unique. With a Tailor Brands-designed logo, you can give your team the visual edge and stand out from the competition.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your League account, Youtube or Twitch Account , make unique swag for your team, or give your team website an upgrade, Tailor Brands can help you design the most unique and impactful gaming logos!

What Makes a Great Gaming Logo?

There are no set rules on what makes a great gaming logo, and depending on your gaming community, they may vary wildly. However, a quick glance at some of the best-known eSports team logos and designs can give you a great idea of how to get started and make your own logo.

There are some trends in gaming logos that are easy to implement. The first is the use of logo shapes that can double as letters. Cloud9’s logo, for instance, looks like a cloud made of several ‘9’s put together. Fanatic also uses their name to create a unique symbol made of all the letters in their name.

Similarly, teams like Evil Geniuses and Vici Gaming have used their initials to create circular emblems that are instantly recognizable. When using images and words together, eSports teams and competitive gamers tend to use fonts that are more futuristic, choosing block letters that have sleek likes and sharp corners, giving them a more futuristic look. eSports teams also use text logos that make them distinct as opposed to choosing pre-made templates.

Why Use Templates when You Can Make Your Own?

When you need a logo for your clan or professional eSports team, it can be tempting to go the easy route and simply use a template. However, templates are generic, and even the best ones won’t really tell the world what you’re about.

Instead, you can use Tailor Brands’ logo maker and create a design that inspires envy and shows the world your team means business. If you’re looking to upgrade your Let’s Plays, YouTube or Twitch streams with a personalized look, designing a logo yourself will give you an amazing and instantly recognizable image to represent you.