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Making a logo through Tailor Brands is all play and no work. The free design process is as fun as the games you work with! Level up with a free logo now for your development, manufacturing, distribution, toy, board game, tabletop game, RPG, online gaming company or Twitch channel. Ready? Let’s start this quest!

Examples of Gaming Logos From Tailor Brands

Wondering what kinds of logos Tailor Brands can create for you? We can help you create the perfect gaming logo that you need. Check out some of our examples below, and use our logo maker to get started to see what we can do for you!


Why You Need a Gaming Logo

Visual elements make up the core of so many games, whether virtually, board, or otherwise. This transcends the game that you’re making, promoting, or playing – it applies to your brand as well. Your gaming logo will establish a lot of information about your brand – it needs to work on a variety of mediums, must reflect the artistic style of the game or channel, express the game theme, and look appealing to the viewer.

About Gaming Design

Games, in particular, are driven by the visual components that make up the design. Logos, in this industry, are seen as an extension of this and the game as well. For gaming logos, the colors, fonts, icons, and more all work very closely with one another. Depending on the audience for the game, every decision made will be different and how the elements work together need to be neatly considered in order to work!

There are a lot of games and gaming trends that you can take advantage of. As with any logo design, there are key elements that can convey information about the game and your channel, such as the kinds of fonts used, what symbols are front and center, or colors that are prominently featured. Make sure that these are incorporated in your design! However, also recognize the importance of differentiating yourself from the competition. Exactly mimicking a popular design doesn’t convey your personality – find out what you need to show that you’re in it for gaming design and then make it your own.