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Your focus can remain on the camera when you use Tailor Brands to create a logo for your photography business. Photographers around the world have found their perfect representation using our service, bringing in more clients and establishing their social media and websites in the process. When we have the logo design, you only have to worry about making your shots picture perfect. Get started today with a free logo!

In a highly visual industry, photographers must pay extra care and attention to the brand identity they produce. A logo is the most outward expression of a photography studio’s vision and personality. Therefore, it’s vital to create a logo that shows who you are, and which distinguishes you from the competition.

Since we’ve started making logos for small businesses, Tailor Brands has catered to photography logos. Our wide range of icons and fonts ensure that anyone can find what they’re looking for! We’re free to try out and customize, so you know you’re purchasing the perfect design to represent you and your business. Check out some examples below!

Why Do you Need a Photography Logo?

There are several reasons why photographers need a high-quality logo:

  • It communicates your style and personality in a single image — A logo is a useful visual tool that quickly communicates your photography business’ style and character. Because the industry is so visual, having a unique and memorable logo can help set you apart by highlighting your studio’s best creative qualities. More importantly, a logo is an outward manifestation of your artistic expression.
  • It highlights your photography specializations and skills — Photographers generally specialize in one sector of the industry whether weddings, landscape, or photojournalism. A logo delivers an easy way to communicate exactly what kind of photography you do with visual cues. By including elements of your specialized skills, you can highlight your value to potential clients.
  • It enhances your brand’s visual appeal — A photographer’s brand is important in an industry where reputation plays a key role. Adding a logo gives your brand identity a visual dimension and fashions an easy-to-remember symbol that instantly connects viewers to your studio or brand. A logo can be used in multiple locations, helping spread your brand’s familiarity.

Elements and Styles

Many photographers assume that a logo has to be a stylized camera with the studio name, but this isn’t always true. A camera icon can good idea, but it should be deployed cleverly, and not simply included pro forma. Creating a valuable photography logo starts with considering three major components—fonts, colors, and icons.

Fonts – A font can help highlight different aspects of your photography style and give you more visual components to propel your brand identity. Even so, there is no standard when it comes to photography logo fonts. You can choose from existing styles which are popular, or even make your own. Fonts are a great area to show your creative side by designing a typeface that stands out.

Colors – Colors can add a layer of meaning andhelp elicit specific emotions when clients look at your logo. Depending on the style of photography you specialize in, different combinations can help highlight your unique qualities.

Black and White — This classic combination is ideal if you’re looking for a formal, traditional image. When implemented correctly, it can make your mark seem timeless and classic. It is justifiably one of the more common color combinations as it has produced many standout examples.

Gradients — Using smoother color transitions and blurred edges gives your logo an air of creativity and innovation. If you specialize in more aesthetic or artsy photography, using gradient colors canhelp underline your distinctiveness.

Earth Tones — If you concentrate on nature photography, choosing colors that have closer associations with thenatural world can help shine light on your trade. Using deep greens and earthy browns gives you a more grounded look and conveys your passion for the outdoors.

Bright Colors — For photographers who work with children or specialize in more dynamic photography, choosing bright colors helps transmit an energetic and fun image. Choosing bright reds, oranges, and yellows helps you emphasize an active and kinetic approach to your photography.

Pastels and Light Browns — For those who prefer a more vintage feel and look, choosing pastel colors and lighter shades of brown can project a more worn-in feeling. These lighter tones also reflect a more nostalgic and used look that can accent your specialty.

Photography blog logosIcons – Your logo’s icon is your opportunity to shine a light on your specialty and your extraordinary attributes. It gives you a way to visually represent your identity and create a quick association with your brand.

Each different field of photography can be represented by elements in your icon. By designing a distinctive yet easily recognizable image, you can give your logo a matchless appeal. The first step is to consider your specialization.

Landscape and wildlife photography — This field usually requires the least amount of equipment, taking a minimalist approach to realistic photography. Your logo should follow the same philosophy of staying simple while highlighting those elements that make you different from your contemporaries.

Wedding photography — Wedding photographers capture the happiest and most loving moments of couples and families. Your goal is to encapsulate the atmosphere, emotion, and story of the event. Wedding photography logos shouldinclude icons that highlight both the photography and the joyfulness of the occasion. To accomplish this goal, rings or wedding cakes can be combined creatively to supply a standout icon.

Food Photography — Food photography logos highlight the best of both worlds. Much like their subjects are made of many ingredients, your logo should combine the best elements of what make you prominent with photography. If you specialize in a particular area of food, you can make that a centerpiece of your icon.

Sport Photography — This field is all about energy and lively photos. Sports photographers capture moments in fast and kinetic moments. Your logo should demonstrate this energy and tell your consumers that you can freeze the right emotion alongside the right picture. You can include dynamic images with lines and motion, or specific elements from the sports you specialize in.

Fashion Photography — Fashion photography is about highlighting beauty and glamour. The field requires a creative approach to colors, elements, and subjects. Your logo should emphasize the style of your photography and the aspects like hair, clothes, or home fashion that set you apart.

photography blog logos

10 Famous Photographer Logos

Here are some of our favorite sources of inspiration for amazing photography logos:

Jimmy Nelson is a famed British photographer who portraits the lives of indigenous communities in their natural habitat. His photography shows a side of life that’s mundane but also full of life. His subjects are people with cultures, lives, and distinctive experiences and he aims to shine light on them. His logo, A simple word mark with a bright red font, is playful yet simple, reflecting his minimalist style.

Jimmy Nelson photography logoErik Almas is a  Norwegian photographer, who likes to play with every day situations and highlight the whimsical side of the world. Bright colors and an almost fantastical element in his composition makes for a simple yet exceptional style of art photography. His logo reflects his love of minimal design elements.

Erik-Almas-LogoMario Testino is an acclaimed fashion photographer, with credits in the most elite publications in the field such as Vogue and Vanity Fair. He favors bright light and minimal backgrounds, focusing exclusively on his subjects. His photos are always illuminated brightly, bringing out every element in the scene. His logo is akin to his minimal style, with a simple word mark and a ‘+’ sign as his icon.

Mario testino photography logoSteve McCurry is perhaps best known for his “Afghan Girl” photo which originally appeared in National Geographic. His field—war photography—has taken McCurry to some of the most dangerous places on earth. Even so, his focus is always on highlighting the life and beauty in these places and the people he captures with his camera. His logo is a simple word mark and a Serif font to highlight his understated style.

Steve Mccurry photography logo


Kait Robinson is a rising fashion photographer with a peerless style. Her photos are a combination of fashion and art, mixing both to create a distinctive tone and glossy feeling. Her word mark is a Sans Serif, heavy text that highlights her preference for bright, loud elements.

Kait robinson photography logo

Timothy Hogan is a renowned advertising and product photographer. His subjects are not always unique but his style highlights aspects that makes them seem alive. He constantly experiments with fluids and dynamic components to complement still objects. His logo is a thin and minimalistic Sans Serif font bearing his name.

Timothy Hogan photography logo

Jeremy Cowart is a modern renaissance man, combining photography and painting with social activism and entrepreneurship. His style is highly experimental, combining styles, cameras, and components in unique ways. His logo is a word mark with a custom-made decorative font that highlights his creative and almost street-art like portfolio.

Jeremy Cowart photography logoAnne Geddes is best known for her iconic photographs of babies in adorable and inimitable situations. Her style is joyful and highlights the innocence of childhood. She has focused on her field—child photography—and has crafted a matchless identity.

Anne Gedes photography logo

Michael Kenna’s style has become iconic. He prefers to photograph his landscapes and landmarks completely in black and white, creating a minimalistic and stripped-down image. He is known for his focus on the interaction between nature and man-made structures.

Michael Kenna photography logo

Andrea Gjestvang is another rising name in documentary photography. She favors a more streamlined approach to photography, concentrating more on capturing a moment than a specific subject. Gjestvang’s approach underlines the experiences that make her subjects tick and provides an intimate look at everyday life.


Andrea Gstevang photography logo