Score a Touchdown With the Right Logo Design

Get a free logo for your football team, football supply business, or football league today. You tell us what you’re thinking of and our intuitive, responsive software will combine that input with a huge database of graphical design options to create a professional custom logo to strengthen the image of your football brand. What have you got to lose? It’s free to try!

Examples of Football Logos From Tailor Brands

When you need a logo for your football team, whether online or on the field, look no further than Tailor Brands! Our logo generator analyzes your name and offers you a huge font and icon library that you can customize further for your best logo design. Check out the examples below to see the designs that we can create for you!

Why You Need a Football Logo

No two football teams are exactly alike, and when you’re going head to head with another football team, you’ll want to stand apart. Yeah, you might have very different team names, your colors might be different, but the most striking way you’ll be able to tell the difference is through your team’s logo design. When you imagine popular football teams, what comes to mind first? What always stands for the team in question? Their logo. What football team logo is red, white, and blue? The Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans, New England Patriots, or New York Giants might come to mind, but none of these logos look the same. When you’re playing football, you’ll want to stand out just the same.

About Football Logo Design

There’s a long history of sports and pride in sports around the world. How do fans show this pride? By emblazoning a logo and team colors on merchandise and more. Symbols, which can be a part of a logo, create a deeper meaning for the viewer that tells a story that goes beyond what’s presented. For a sport like football, logos are imbued with deep meaning. The Seattle Seahawks, for example, bring in the rich Native American influence of the Pacific Northwest into their logo, while the Pittsburgh Steelers convey the area’s rich steelworking history.

The logo design of the NFL differs from other major sports teams as well. Football logos look differently than baseball logos which look differently from basketball logos, and so on. While different, they are also versatile, being seen on everything from license plate covers to foam fingers to shirts.