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If you’re considering entering the jewelry and gemology business, your first step should be to create a brand and logo that reflect your best qualities. Jewelry businesses rely heavily on their reputation and image. By starting off with a good logo design, you can more easily develop a sophisticated and well-crafted brand identity.

Why do you Need a Jewelry Logo?

There are many reasons why you should prioritize your jewelry logo when you’re getting started:

  • A logo gives your brand legitimacy and an appearance of professionalism beyond your years. It is important to convey confidence to consumers by suggesting your company is trustworthy and responsible enough to handle valuable items honestly and skillfully. It also helps communicate your business’ value proposition to consumers.
  • Your logo is also an extension of your design style, highlighting your creativity, originality, and overall tone. Your choice of design can also help you establish your brand in the niche or field you want to work in. By creating a logo that reflects your design philosophy, you can connect more easily with consumers who appreciate your style.
  • Eventually, your logo will become emblematic of your company. When you design a brand mark, remember that it will go on your packaging, marketing materials, and most importantly, the jewelry you design and sell. As such, your logo is vital for building the right image for your business.

The important question, however, is how to create a logo that sets you apart from the crowd.

Elements and Styles

There are three key components to consider when you start designing your logo: fonts, colors, and emblems. These three aspects of your logo give you a means to communicate your brand’s identity visually. To create the best possible logo, you should consider these components in greater depth before finalizing your design:

Fonts: Choosing a font helps establish your brand’s image and communicate the kind of jewelry and styles you work with. Fonts can tell consumers about a company’s personality and help place them in a specific niche. In jewelry logos, many brands choose fonts that convey elegance and sophistication, though that trend is changing with some smaller and up-and-coming jewelers. Here are some of the most common fonts and how they help convey your identity:

  • Script or calligraphic fonts are an ideal choice for jewelers who want to project a luxurious and elegant image. These fonts focus on a clean and sophisticated appearance and are used by some of the biggest names in the industry, including Cartier and Alex Jewelers.
  • Sans Serif fonts are becoming more popular as they offer an elegant and understated and more legible alternative to script fonts. These typefaces provide a great variety of line weights and spacing which add versatility when creating the right brand image. Moreover, Sans Serif fonts are considered more modern and forward-looking.
  • Display fonts can help a company stand out from the crowd. These fonts are unique to the company using them and offer a more customizable way to communicate your brand’s personality in font. These are increasingly popular for companies looking to convey a fun, easy-going

Colors: Once fonts are chosen, your next step in logo design is to choose your brand’s color palettes. When it comes to colors, there are a nearly endless number of combinations and options to choose from. Even so, randomly selecting colors can end poorly and make your logo lose its impact.

To make the right choice, start by considering your handcrafted work and the colors you regularly use as a starting point. Some companies use a primary color on their logo and will include it as a signature color across their product lines. Moreover, you can incorporate colors like gold and silver if you mostly work with precious metals.

Emblems: The final component of your logo design is an emblem or icon. These small illustrations are a valuable tool for branding, as they can be used with or without the logo and can be added to marketing materials, packaging, and social media. More importantly for jewelers, an emblem may be easier to include in your jewelry than a full logo. Here are some key considerations for your jewelry logo’s emblem:

  • Much like the complex process of combining metals, gems, and other materials to craft jewelry, a logo’s emblem is the final key detail in a logo. Making sure your emblem matches the rest of your logo style is important for forming the best brand mark. Your icon should complement your brand and should give you a good visual way to represent your personality.
  • Your emblem or icon can also be a symbol of the quality of your work. Jewelry connoisseurs know the difference between a handcrafted jewelry made by a professional and one made in five minutes by a machine. Your icon can represent and convey this attention to detail and commitment to quality.
  • An emblem is used to instantly communicate what your brand represents without the need for any text or context. As such, the icon you select for your logo should be relevant to your industry, personality, and vision. Some common emblems include gems, figures that resemble jewelry, and other visual elements that call up gemstones or jewelry-making.

Some of Our Favorite Up-and-Coming Jewelry Artists

  • Lunai Jewelry – The minimalist and spaced design of Lunai Jewelry is the result of the owner’s connection to nature and the simple side of life. The artist’s works also reflect this minimalist motif, and the logo’s emblem—a half moon in a circle—is a fantastic way to convey this identity.
  • May Fifteen – The inspiration for the eccentric minimalist logo of May Fifteen came from the name, one of the owners’ birthdays. The company draws upon a diverse source of inspiration but has a unique style that results in creative and uncommon jewels. The logo reflects this unorthodox approach, with a distinctive icon that is instantly recognizable.
  • LuckeeLuv Studio – This small hand-crafted jewelry studio is going for a more intimate and personal approach to their designs. The company offers a quality product that is meant to be worn and used as part of daily life. Their simple script font and color choice communicate their identity—approachable, beautiful, and fun—perfectly.


Jewelry studios need a powerful identity to separate them from competitors. Creating a unique logo is an easy and effective way to start building a brand that will show the world who you are, your personal style, and highlight your value.

Before designing a jewelry logo, it’s important to know what you want to communicate, and think of the different elements that will help you spread that message as effectively as possible. With a good logo as a foundation, your jewelry studio can quickly build a memorable and instantly recognizable brand.