Photography Logo Design

Picturesque scenery, outdoor lighting, attention to detail – your skills with a camera
have all the calling cards of a successful photography business. And, when your business
is ready for its close-up, all it needs is a brand to get your name out there.

A brand is the perfect backdrop for any photographer, and designing a
camera-ready logo is half the battle in capturing new subjects. If you can’t picture
your photography logo yet, scroll down for inspiration and tips on the
best design practices to use for a shutter-worthy brand!


As this business is a highly visual one, icons play a large role in photography logos. You can’t go wrong with a variation of a camera or tripod, but you may want to step outside your comfort zone and choose an icon that speaks to the name of your business.



Your customers will be more likely to work with you if they can picture themselves as the subjects behind the camera. So, stick with a more traditional type, like one that uses block lettering and thin weights. If you specialize in avant-garde photography, you may want to add a little flare to your font, such as playful serifs at the ends of your letters – but make sure the font you choose is clean and legible.

Color palette


The colors you choose should be relevant to the type of photography in which you specialize. Outdoor photographers would do well to use earth tones, like greens and browns; portrait photographers should consider the classic black and white.


As a photographer, watermarking your photos is
a crucial part of claiming your work as your own. In this
vein, consider a layout that gives you a clean watermark
in the corner of any photo.