Real Estate Logo Design

When you go into real estate, you become an integral part of your clients’ lives.
You hold their futures in your hands, whether you sell them the office space where their
business venture comes to life or the plot of land on which they’ll build their forever home.


So, how do you let a client know they can trust you? By developing a real estate logo.
Regardless if you’re showing commercial properties or managing residential homes, you’ll want
to commission a logo that speaks to your values.Check out some of the world’s top real
estate logos, and scroll down for some design best practices.


In general, you won’t find many icons dominating the world of real estate design. If you do want to add a symbol to your logo, try to stick with an abstract shape or a graphic representing the kind of property you sell – but make sure the icon doesn’t take up the majority of your overall design.



This is an important part of any real estate logo, as the majority of these designs are text-heavy. You’ll find that bold, all-caps, sans-serif typefaces are the industry favorite.

Color palette


Contrary to other industries, real estate logos often feature white lettering on a solid color background. Anything on the blue palette – from navy to dusty – is also a safe choice, as it represents a confident and trustworthy brand.


Your website, business cards and signage are likely the primary materials on which to display your logo. Therefore, aim for a layout that preserves the quality of your logo despite its being resized.