Restaurant Logo Design

Whether a vegetarian bistro or a haven for carnivores, your restaurant needs
top-notch service to roast competitors out of the way. And, once you
cook up a tasteful brand, you’ll be ready to take any customer’s orders.


Creating a flavorful logo for your restaurant is the best way to start branding.
Check out some of the top restaurant logos in the industry below, and
read on for design tips to help you make a logo that brings customers in the door.


You won’t find many icon-heavy restaurant logos in general, as restaurateurs usually don’t want to limit the association of their brand to one specific food. However, the fork and knife can work to your advantage, as can abstract circular imagery. If you do use an icon, err on the side of subtlety and don’t make it the main visual focus of your logo.



Dare to be bold with your logo lettering. Restaurants that cater to a more upscale clientele or have a long, traditional history should definitely opt for fonts in the script family.
That said, you won’t go wrong with a slab serif font sporting jagged or winged letters.

Color palette


It may sound boring, but whites, blacks and grays make for the most successful restaurant logos. You can also play with various shades of greens and golds, to lend a healthy, wholesome feel to your restaurant brand.


Have your menu in mind as you think about where to position your logo. Most restaurants opt for a large, clear version of their logo in the top-center of both their website and their menus, so diners don’t forget whose food they’re enjoying – even for a moment.