Create a Logo For Your Team Using Tailor Brands!

Design a free logo in minutes for your team or organization! Teams are all about unity, and what’s better for unification an easily identifiable image for your team? Our intuitive software will work together with you to create a professional logo that expresses the values and priorities of your team.

Examples of Team Logos From Tailor Brands

Bring your team together with a great logo! Use our quick and easy logo generator to get started, customize further to bring out the embodiment of your organization. Wondering if Tailor is right for you? Check out some of the team logos we have created and get started today.

Why You Need a Team Logo

A professional logo can do wonders in bringing an entire team together. Made up of many different people working towards a common goal, a logo can be instrumental in allowing everyone to rally together to advance the needs of the organization. Additionally, it allows any other teams working with yours to understand what it is that they’re getting into when they work with your team.

About Organization Design

When you’re working on a team within an organization, why not create a memorable logo that all can relate to? Not only will a logo grant you recognition, but it also gives your team members something to rally around. Importantly, a logo is one of the first things someone will see about a team or organization, and it will be emblazoned on marketing materials. It represents the values of a team – go ahead and ensure that its a representation of your team and what you want to convey.

There are a few ways to create a logo, whether it’s based on text, icons, or initials. If it uses an icon, be sure that the icon is an accurate representation of your team as a whole. Logos using names or initials should use appropriate fonts. Each one has a different meaning!