Travel Agency Logos Made Simple

Use Tailor To Make Your Own Travel Agency Logos! Get Inspired By The Logos Below!

Tailor Brands can make you a logo as evocative of the amazing experiences you’re facilitating with your travel or tourism company. While we can’t promise the logo design process is as relaxing as a tropical vacation, our intuitive software caters to your needs and finishes creating your logo in just minutes! Try it today.

 Tailor Brands Can Help Your Travel Agency Logo Take Flight

Focus on helping people get where they want to be and let Tailor Brands design the perfect logo to represent your travel agency. Tourism and travel agents worldwide have already discovered the unique designs and easy-to-use tools that Tailor Brands can offer. With a powerful logo that truly represents your travel agency, you can save by avoiding an expensive designer while developing a brand image that resonates with the travelers you help daily. Start designing your perfect logo today for free!

Travel Agency Logos Designed With Tailor Brands

From the start, Tailor Brand has helped small businesses in the travel industry create memorable logos. With an extensive collection of icons, fonts, logotypes, and color palettes, any travel agency can find what they need. Try out our logo maker for free and fine tune your design to craft an image that resonates with your company’s values. See some of our designs for travel agencies below.

Why you Need a Logo for Your Travel Agency

Helping people find the right travel package is important, but your customers should always know who got them where they want to go. By including your logo in price quotes, travel itineraries, and marketing materials, your travel agency can become unforgettable for your customers. A powerful logo can tell potential customers how easily you can help them plan their dream vacations. Get started now with a logo design from Tailor Brands!

Travel Agency Logo Design Essentials

All logos share some basic features, even in designs for travel agencies. The best logos can easily communicate a company’s values and strengths to customers. Moreover, classic designs tend to be clear and have a strong connection to the product or service they offer. For travel agencies, companies should aim to include elements of flight, adventure, and discovery. Many include a clear font to go with imagery of planes, wavy lines, and airplanes.  Additionally, some of the best logos include circular shapes and globes, along with cloud imagery.

For maximum impact, travel agencies can include their logos on their letterhead, websites, and official communications. Travel itineraries and quotes are also a great place for logos, as customers take these when traveling and share them with significant others and friends. Your website can also benefit from having a clear branding strategy guided by your logo, which can create a more visual connection to readers.

Travel agencies need a logo that’s easily recognizable, but also unique. Regardless of your clientele, your logo should always convey a sense of adventure and exploration, encouraging people to take off and visit their dream destinations. Make sure your logo design communicates your company’s ability to help customers discover their new favorite places in style!