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We’re an all-in-one platform that helps millions of people around the world turn their ideas into businesses. Our mission is to make business creation easy, fun, and accessible to everyone.

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The story of Tailor

How we came up with a business idea for business ideas

To be honest, we (Yali, Tom & Nadav) were actually working on trying to get two other ideas off the ground: A restaurant and real estate business. But no one took us seriously until we created a logo, business cards, and other assets for our ventures that made us look professional. We realized that to start our businesses successfully, we needed, well, Tailor Brands – and so it was born. 

Though we initially started Tailor Brands to automate logo creation with AI technology, we’ve since seen that our mission is so much bigger than “just” making brand design accessible. We know as well as anyone that starting a business can be hard, confusing and overwhelming – which is why today, Tailor is an online platform that turns the entire process of business creation into something anyone can do. 

Let’s get to it!

Yali, Tom, Nadav

A Single Place to Plan, Launch,
and Grow Your Business

Tailor helps anyone launch their business and look professional in just a few clicks, through our logo maker and design suite, website builder, LLC formation tool, and so much more. We pride ourselves on not just providing the tools, but also guiding aspiring business owners hand-in-hand through every step they need to take their idea and launch it as a business within minutes. From brand design to back office solutions, we empower small businesses to successfully launch, and give them the roadmap to grow, grow, grow.

“We’re here to help your business look great so that you can get to work doing what you love.”

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Meet a few businesses that launched with Tailor Brands

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Let’s do great things together.