Operate legally with a sales
tax permit

Ensure your business is compliant with your state and local tax laws, and avoid potential penalties.

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Are you planning to sell across the U.S.?

Be sure to get your sales tax permit (also referred to as seller’s permit) in the states where you must collect and report sales tax. Sales tax permits allow businesses to make taxable retail sales and collect sales tax from customers.

Essential for legally selling and collecting sales tax

Allows you to charge sales tax on your sales

Demonstrates your business’s legal legitimacy

Opens doors to tax benefits and exemptions

Simplify the registration process across all states.

Get your sales tax permit with a few easy steps. Our partners’ streamlined registration process will make sure your business is set up properly with the state – helping you avoid fines and allowing you to start collecting sales tax from the get-go.

Fill out one form for multiple state registrations.

We handle preparation, filing, and follow-ups.

Receive step-by-step guidance and confirmation.

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