Operate your business legally: get your sales tax permits

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Ensure your business is compliant with your state and local tax laws, and avoid potential penalties.

Why do I need a sales tax permit?

Avoid penalties and fines

Tax authorities can impose penalties or fines on businesses that are non-compliant with the tax permit requirements.

Avoid personal liability for taxes

By not collecting sales tax from your customers, tax authorities can hold you responsible for the those taxes, meaning you may be required to pay them out of your own pocket.

Get a permit for $299 - in any state!

The process goes as follows:

Answer some questions about your business

Based on your answers, we’ll check if you need to get a permit

Get your sales tax permit - once it’s ready, we’ll send it your way

Getting a sales tax permit & resale certification is super easy with us

Our partners’ streamlined registration process will make sure your business is set up properly with the state –helping you avoid fines and allowing you to start collecting sales tax from the get-go

One simple form

You fill out the things you know; we handle all the rest with the state.

End-to-end filing

We pay licensing authorities directly*, communicate with them as needed, and send you all confirmations.

100% accuracy

Know that you’re doing things right, by hiring an experienced team to register your business correctly.

*Requirement for a resale certificate may vary according to your state and your industry.

What’s the registration process?

Enter your business information

Choose the relevant state(s)

Get your registration info when it’s ready

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Questions about sales tax registration?

Most types of businesses and sellers are required to register to collect and remit sales tax with their state and local governments. (Sole proprietorships are sometimes an exception to this rule.)

There are a number of reasons why your business may need to register for sales tax, including things like your location, what you sell, etc.

You can’t just start collecting and remitting sales tax without registering (in fact, it’s illegal!). Registering for your sales tax or seller’s permit confirms that your business has the right to collect sales tax from customers on behalf of the state.

And, you’ll likely need to register for sales tax even if you’re not actually collecting any taxes. For example, a manufacturer or wholesale company who has tax-exempt sales but is required to file returns would still need to register.

In most cases, yes! That said, most changes to your business–like your business name, address, or phone number–will require you to adjust your existing registration. And, these changes could occasionally require the state to send you a new, revised registration.

If you don’t have a sales tax obligation in a specific state, then it may not be worth your time to register. However, you should seriously consider registering if you owe sales tax in that state.

Note that registration in a new state could require your business to pay corporate taxes or remit any back taxes that may be due. So, if you think you might owe back taxes, it may be best to put together a plan before you register.

And, registering for sales tax could require you to file returns even if you don’t have any sales (also called a $0 return).

You need to register in the states where you have established “nexus”. This is often through physical presence nexus (a physical connection to the state through an office, inventory, or employees) or economic nexus (an economic connection created through the dollar amount of sales into a state or a number of transactions).

If you’re unsure about which states you have nexus in, our partners have tools to help you track sales and figure it out!