Reduce the risk of identity theft with your own EIN

Apply for an EIN in minutes, and get huge benefits like opening a business bank account and shielding your business from potential risks

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How does an EIN benefit my business?

Essential for opening a business bank account

Most banks will ask for your EIN when applying for a business bank account.

Avoid identity theft

Get an EIN so you don’t give out your SSN, lowering the risk of identity theft.

**An EIN can only be obtained online with a SSN

A must for hiring employees

You will need your EIN to hire employees and pay salaries.

Does my business need an EIN?

Most business entities are required to have an EIN by the IRS. These entities include corporations, partnerships, most LLCs, and some sole proprietorships.

The IRS recommends getting an EIN, because it is essential for opening a business bank account, a must when hiring employees. Plus it can reduce the risk of identity theft.

Get ahead with an EIN

Protect your limited liability status

Strengthen your limited liability status by separating your finances with an EIN.

Important for grants and loans

You can apply for these after you have your EIN.

Get an EIN for your business

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