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Imagine if your dream business idea had a name, a face, and branded documents that made it official. With Tailor Brands’ online logo maker and design tools, you can instantly turn the dream of that business into a reality! Design a logo in 30 seconds, customize it to your liking, and put it on everything – from professional business cards to online presentations.

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Words to Live By

“Start with Trust”

We love working with people we can trust – people that don’t need watching over. We believe independence and freedom are key for our minds to thrive, and we surround ourselves with those that understand the level of responsibility that comes with this level of trust.

“Try. Fail. Repeat”

We are the kind of people that never give up, and we’re relentless about finding solutions no matter how many times we fall. Failure doesn’t bring us down, and we’re constantly improving until we reach success.

“Powered by Results”

We are in the business of shipping value: To our customers, our team, and the business that powers them both. We set goals, and we hit them. Our actions have results, and understanding how to achieve these results is at the core of everything we do.

“Make Something Beautiful”

We are makers, storytellers and designers with a common goal: To create stunning designs, remarkable products, and simple solutions to complex problems. We believe the world can be a beautiful place, and we are determined to make it so, because just believing is never enough.

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what you need, when you need it.

Active Parenting

We love our Tailor kids, and we value being present in all aspects of our lives.

Just One Team

Every team member is a part of Tailor; from company-wide meetings to daily reports on our company growth, we’re all on the same page.


We know how to play as hard as we work, and we celebrate our team with weekly lunches and monthly events.

Work Flexibility

Whether you want a change of pace, or life just happens and you need to work from home,
we get it!

Time to Recharge

It is super important to take a break and recharge. Our unlimited vacation day approach is a way for us to give our team members the freedom to manage themselves.

Find Your Place

From our data-driven developers to our marketing mavens, the entire team is committed to making effective branding accessible to everyone – regardless of the size of their budget or business idea.
If you’re excited by the prospect of helping small businesses thrive, come join us!

When a small team like ours needs to onboard 800,000 users every month, you can only imagine what is required.
(Hint: Hundreds of deployments per week.)
Ownership and autonomy aren’t just buzzwords for us.

At Tailor, when you build it, you own it – and nothing beats the excitement of going live with an A/B test and seeing users have the exact opposite reaction of what you imagined.

If you want to learn from and work with the best in the field, we’re it. As a performance-based team who manages all of our marketing in-house, we use hard data to inform every decision we make, and we don’t consider a job done until we’ve successfully moved the needle.

We’ve delivered results time after time, and we’re looking for people who can help us meet our next growth milestone.

You know that cliche about PMs being “the CEO over a product”? We actually deliver on that promise, in that unlike with other B2C companies, we’re not married to our product; we’re only in love with our users, and every decision we make is driven solely by our numbers and data.

No idea – be it a work process, creative initiative, or aspect of company culture – is above being tested, and we work in tandem with our in-house developers to experiment on everything imaginable.

At Tailor, design is at the forefront of everything we do, and integrity is at the center of everything we create. This team has it all – Brand Design, Motion and Video, and UI/UX.

We work with almost every team in the company, which helps our brand feel and look unified. We support each other creatively while having full responsibility over our individual domains.

G&A is a central part of what we do here, and we have a crucial seat at the Tailor table. We see each and every one of Tailor’s team members, and we do things by the book in order to prioritize their well-being.

You won’t find another team like ours whose work has a direct impact on the growth of the company – both through our collective insights into our company’s numbers and through our investment in the people. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for?
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