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Boost your credibility and enhance your online communication with a business email account

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Professional image

Impress clients and partners with professional-looking email addresses that project credibility and trustworthiness, strengthening your business reputation.

Efficient communication

Enjoy the convenience of reliable email delivery and synchronization across devices, ensuring seamless communication with clients and team members, anytime, anywhere.

Why a business email is beneficial

What you get with Tailor Brands

Custom email address with your domain

Stand out with a personalized email address that aligns with your business domain, reinforcing your brand identity with every message.

Advanced security and admin features

Rest assured that your business email is protected with advanced security and admin controls, keeping your data safe and secure

Accessible on both mobile and desktop

tay connected and productive on the go with seamless access to your email, calendar, and files across all your devices.

30GB online storage

Store important files and documents securely in the cloud, ensuring easy access and collaboration

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