Design Your Own Business Cards

Make an unforgettable first impression with top – notch business cards that are branded with your logo. 

Create a logo to design your own business cards:

Business Cards Coffee Bar Example

Create Branded Business Cards in Just 3 Steps

 Make a logo design you love

Choose a template and add text

Click download and you’re done!

business cards
in seconds

Branding your business doesn’t have to take up your time. Just enter your information, click download, and your files will be ready before you can blink.

Pick from
multiple layouts

Personalize your brand by choosing from over 10 layouts 
and design options. From varied sizes to different finishes, your business cards have never looked so professional.

Integrated with your logo

With our business card templates, your Tailor Brands logo is already part of the design. Don’t have a logo yet? Create one with us now!


How do I print my business cards?

Simply download your business card files,
and then send them to any local printer. Although Tailor Brands does not offer printing services, you can print your business cards through Zazzle:
simply click “Print” in your Tailor Brands studio,
and Zazzle will guide you through the rest. 

I have my own logo: can I still create business cards with Tailor Brands? 

Unfortunately we still don’t have this feature. You are more than welcome to create a new logo with us and then get your business cards. It takes less than 3 minutes and you don’t need any design skills!   


What kind of files do I get once
I download my business cards? 

Your business cards come in a PNG format, which you will receive in a zip file once you download. In addition, you will get a .dotx file of stationary that’s branded with your logo and any information listed on your business cards.  


What if I need to change the
information on my cards?

No problem! You can do this at any time by logging into your Tailor Brands account, selecting Print, clicking Premium Templates, and customizing as desired. Enter your details, and then click Finish. Your cards will then be ready for print.