Business Card Designs

Stand out with business card and letterhead designs that match your brand. Tailor Brands can help your business today.


What Are Business Cards?

Once you have a logo made with Tailor Brands, you might want to consider other marketing materials that can help you with your branding! Depending on your logo, Tailor Brands offers business card designs and letterhead designs that match your brand. Business cards are small cards that provide important information about a person or business, while letterhead is stationary with your or your business’s information on it.

Examples of Business Cards

What Do I Get When Purchasing Business Cards?

Tailor Brands does not provide printing services, so when you purchase business cards and letterhead, you’re receiving design files that are perfectly aligned with your business. For business cards, we offer PNG files, and the letterhead is sent as a DOCX file compatible with Microsoft Word. You can print letterhead directly from your home computer and use any printing service with your business card design files.

Why Do I Need Business Cards?

Business cards are a great way to offer information about yourself and your services to those you meet, while letterhead can be used for memos, documents, and simple “thank you” notes related to your business.  Just another way to complete your branding package!