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Get Your Business Noticed

With Our Social Post Tool

Monday, 17th of July

At Tailor Brands, we understand that building your brand takes more than just having an awesome logo (although it’s a great way to start!). As part of our Premium Plan, you’ll have full access to each and every one of our branding tools – there especially for you to make the most of your brand.

Social Post - Flamingo BrandPosting on social media is a must for any business, whether large or small, and regularly posting on various social platforms has been proven to boost a company’s exposure and help to grow an increased network of followers.

That might be well and good, but with busy schedules and a new business to work on, there’s not always the time in the day to sit down and start thinking of new and exciting social post ideas – and that’s exactly where this neat tool comes into play!

It literally takes a couple of minutes to produce stunning designs, and we do all the hard work for you! No idea what image to post? No problem! Our innovative algorithm will display a wide selection of images ready for you to choose with the click of a button, tailored specially to your brand.

Our Social Post tool is not only incredibly easy to use, but it produces stunning, perfectly sized, posts each and every time. Once you’ve designed your social posts, you can download them right away and upload to the Social Media platform of your choosing!

To see the tool in all it’s glory, just click play!



To use the tool, you’ll need to be subscribed to our Premium subscription plan. Once subscribed, simply click on “Create” under “Social Post” and you’ll be guided through the quick and easy steps to creating your designs.

First, choose your background image. Had an image of your own in mind? Great! Simply click on “Upload Your Own” and upload it. Not sure what image to use or need a little inspiration? No problem! Choose from our extensive photo library, where you can even type in the criteria of your choice in the search bar, eg. “smile”.

Next up, it’s time to add in your preferred text and choose a font style that works for you. With tons of options, you’re able to create tons of original and unique posts each time. Once you’re all set with your text and font, you’ll move along to our filters section, where you can choose between the different options until you find something that works for you!

Social Post - Text Editor

Once completed, simply choose your layout, and click “Done” to finalize! Once rendered, you’ll be able to click on the “Download” button and go ahead and upload your beautiful posts wherever you choose!