Digital business card

Create a customized on-brand digital business card in just a few clicks 

What is a digital business card?

A digital business card (also called an electronic business card) is like a mini-website with essential business details – contact information, social media profiles, website, online payment info, and other important links. 

It’s similar to an online version of a business card, but one that you can share with anyone, at any time! Just show your unique QR code, send your digital card’s link via email or social media, or add it as your link-in-bio.

How to create a digital business card

With Tailor Brands you can create an electronic business cards in just a few clicks

Choose the design for your card

Update your business info

Include your contact and relevant links

Publish, and share it with everyone!

Why create your digital business card with Tailor Brands

When you create a digital business card with Tailor Brands, you can customize the look and feel so that it’s on-brand – giving you a memorable edge and helping to establish your online presence. And, you can edit your digital business card at any time, to make sure your contact information is always up to date.

Key features

  • A single link with all your contact info
  • Custom public link (URL) that you can choose
  • Branded design themes with your logo and colors
  • Easily shareable, with QR code or personal link
  • Customizable at any point