Inject Personality In Your Brand!

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Simple Tips To Increase Reach & Engagement on Facebook
March 28, 2017
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Grow Your Business With LinkedIn
April 4, 2017

Inject Personality in Your Brand

It makes total sense – you want your small business branding to reflect the essence of you. You’ve poured your sweat, blood, and tears into making this work. It needs to feel like yours.

That’s why, when you work with another company or organization on your brand, it can feel like it’s hard to let go or to appreciate what’s happening. Especially when your brand is on social media, a place where it’s built it to be social and represent your brand.

Instead of being just another brand, what can you do to bring what makes you uniquely…you… to the table? At the risk of avoiding any modicum of controversy, the human element becomes completely removed.

Keep Your Personality Focused

So if you’re worried about injecting the right amount of personality into your brand, Tailor Brands has some advice for you. The more your target audience can relate to your business, the higher the likelihood that they’ll convert to become a dedicated customer!

Easy Ways to Inject Personality In Your Brand

Check out your audience and see what they respond to: Can you bring out your humorous side? What kind of jokes are they responding to? Knowing this can help you hone in and tap into your personality and refine further.

Tailor your communications as much as possible: Think of every single email you send, every campaign you image, and more as a person. How would you speak to them? Would you say “Kevin, you’ll love my skincare line for men because you work outdoors and this prevents sun damage” or “Hi, my skincare line will work for you”.

Which is more appealing? Simply using names in emails makes a difference and brings personality to what your email says. Many bulk email providers, such as Mailchimp, have options that make this personalization easy.

Customize your customer support in a way that fits your brand’s personality: Some of the best customer support channels aren’t just cut-and-dry problem solvers – they bring a level of concern and brand personality into the equation.

When a customer or a client is unhappy, personality may be more difficult, but understanding that the customer is interacting with a person makes the process a lot better for all involved!

Be a person: Don’t hide your face on your website or sign your posts when you do. When you’re a person that others can relate to, they will, indeed, relate to you! Attaching a face to a name or a name to a tweet helps to take the online and impersonal and makes it extremely personal.

Actually take the time to engage with your audience: No matter how big or small your audience may be, why not take the time to really, deeply engage with them? Bringing personality to your brand will be a lot more difficult if you’re not updating and engaging the community you’ve built.

Create content you’d like to read, have conversations with your customer base, and inject the human element that can be absent from online interactions.

One of the most popular campaigns regarding personality was the “Share a Coke” campaign from Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola, as a huge brand, oftentimes gets to do a lot of really fun things in their branding campaigns.

In this, they used data to determine popular names and printed these names on Coca-Cola bottles. It rejuvenated Coca-Cola and allowed everyone interacting with the product to enjoy the product in their own way, injecting their personality into it and encouraging others to do the same.