Tailor Brands Logo Maker Vs. Wix Logo Maker: Which Should You Use?

You probably know by now that a logo maker tool takes all the pain out of creating and designing your business logo. Smart AI-based algorithms learn your design preferences and then generate designs to suit you.

Logo makers are a great tool to easily and quickly create logos on a budget, and you can then use the final design to help create a brand identity for your business—on social media, the web, your storefront, and anywhere else your business appears.

There are two popular logo maker tools on the market right now – Tailor Brands (that’s us) and the Wix logo maker.

But how do you know which logo maker is right for you?

In this post, we’ll review each online logo maker and help you decide which one is the right choice for your brand.

Tailor Brands Vs. Wix

On the surface, Tailor Brands’ logo maker and the Wix logo maker seem very similar. They have near-identical steps, and both do all the heavy lifting for you due to their AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm.

Thanks to some fancy coding, once you’ve entered some basic information about your business and brand, you’ll be presented with a bunch of logos that you can then customize.

So, let’s compare the two side-by-side and go through each step together. For this review, we’ll create a new logo for a brand-new business – Jenny’s Cookies.

Our design goal is to create a logo that not only looks great but will also trigger a warm and happy feeling in our audience, as we want them to associate those emotions with our brand – and, of course, make them feel hungry.

Getting started with Tailor Brands’ Startup Wizard

Let’s kick off with Tailor Brands’ startup wizard, and then we’ll explore what Wix has to offer. It has five steps in total, and by the end, you’ll have your very own logo design ready to download.

Part 1 - Enter your business name

Start by entering your business name and tagline, if you have one. Then, enter your industry and include some more information to help Tailor Brands’ AI create better designs that are based on your business.

Like I said above, we’ll create a logo for Jenny’s Cookies, a small boutique cook shop in Madison, Wisconsin.

Part 2 - Choose your logo type

In order to really sell the cookies and make customers’ bellies rumble, let’s include a cookie icon. Luckily, there are a lot to choose from.

To make an impact, let’s go with a cookie icon that has a bite taken out of it, so that our customers will be able to imagine themselves as the ones who took that bite.  

Note: You can also choose to skip having an icon and use a text-only logo design.

Part 3 - Pick your font preferences

You’ll now be asked to repeatedly choose between two font options with the font preference tool. This is so the algorithm can give you design styles based on what you like. We want a font that looks like it was hand-written, because that shows that our brand is personal and has a human touch.

Part 4 - Choose a design

Now we can see some example logos created by the Tailor Brands’ algorithm. There are two parts to this section.

On the left side, you can scroll down and explore all your logo options. And on the right side, you can view your logo on mockups of different situations, such as on a coffee cup, a business card, or even printed on a t-shirt. It’s a great tool to make sure your logo looks just right, no matter where it’s used.

There are plenty of logos to choose from. Let’s select one with a fun, squiggly font, and a cookie icon.

Part 5 - Customization options

Now it’s time to customize the logo, and Tailor Brands lets you edit a lot of the logo’s design properties.

Text Editing

You can try different fonts, or if you want to go in a new direction, change the font entirely with the categorized styles.

Tailor Brands also includes an option to change the capitalization and letter spacing.


You can change your logo’s color in two different ways. The first lets you change the entire scheme with the click of a button. Just select one of the pre-made color schemes.

Or, you can edit each color individually for greater control. And, if you have a specific hex color code, you include it here.


The layout section lets you play around with the positioning of each element. This means you can move the cookie icon around and ensure your logo is laid out the way you want it.


Here, you can add an abstract icon from the well-stocked library or change the size of your original.

Click on Finish to save your design and proceed to the next stage. Congratulations on making a beautiful logo!

Let’s now explore Wix’s startup wizard.

Getting started with the Wix Logo Maker Startup Wizard

Let’s see how Wix’s logo creation process differs from Tailor Brands’.

Part 1 – Add your business name and tagline

Similar to Tailor Brands, the first step is to enter your business name and an optional tagline.

That done, now choose your industry. Wix will helpfully autocomplete as you type.

Part 2 - Choose a design style

Here, things are quite different from Tailor Brands.

Instead of choosing different font styles, Wix asks you to decide how your logo should look and feel. Based on your choices here, they’ll tailor the font, icons, and colors to match the style you’re looking for (hopefully).

Reminder: We’re looking for a warm logo with a cookie icon that will make our audience hungry.

This next part is similar to Tailor Brands’ font selection, but instead of fonts, you need to choose between different design styles. This is so the AI can lock into your preferences and generate logos that you’ll like.

That done, you’ll be asked where you want to use your logo. Just for a website? Or for other brand purposes?

Let’s choose website, business cards, and social media for now.

Part 3 - Choose a logo to customize

Now it’s time to choose the logo you like best, before you start customizing.

Notice there are no cookie icons to choose from like we wanted. In fact, the icons seem entirely random. Let’s pick one and continue to the next step.


You’re given a selection of color palettes to choose from, and you can view your logo on a website, a mobile phone, a business card, and a t-shirt to help make your choice.

If you want to choose a custom color, you can do so in the Elements section.


In the elements section, you can go to town and change your logo’s font, color, size, opacity, and more. You can do the same for your icon, and even choose a new one.


This ability to change your logo’s background is an option missing from Tailor Brand. But, for most branding purposes, a transparent background is best, as you may need to overlay your logo over several different colors, and you don’t want them to clash.

Now save your final logo design, then you can download it.

Tailor Brands’ AI Outperforms Wix’s

As you can see, Tailor Brands and Wix are both great logo design platforms that you can use to create your logo. The user interfaces are simple, and they both offer a large selection of customization tools that are easy to use and experiment with.

But where Wix fails is with its AI algorithm. The AI is supposed to make designing your logo easy, but to get our desired logo, we had to create it manually.

If you want to create fantastic logo designs quickly and cheaply, then Tailor Brands is the way to go.

Logo Maker Pricing

Both logo design tools are free to use. You can go through all the motions of designing and customizing without paying a penny.

But, if you want to use your final logo design for business, you’ll need to pay for the subscription.

Breakdown of Tailor Brands pricing

Tailor Brands has a subscription model, and you can get a discount for paying annually instead of monthly.

The basic package has many options, including a range of range of brand assets, design, and website options.

Brand Assets

  • High-Quality Logo Files
  • Full Ownership of Your Logo
  • Social Media Logo Sizes
  • Logo Resize Tool


Graphic Design

  • Graphic Design Tool for Social Media
  • Unlock All Design Templates
  • Upload Your Own Images
  • Access Stock Photos & Icons



  • Mini Website Builder
  • Connect Your Domain


If you decide to purchase a Tailor Brands subscription, you can download your logo immediately. Should you wish to cancel your subscription, you’ll still retain the commercial rights to your personal logo, and it remains available for download.

Breakdown of Wix pricing

Wix also has a subscription model. Their most basic option costs more than Tailor Brands Premium plan, which gives you all of their product offerings.

While Wix’s low-level plan (Professional) also comes with a personal website plan, if you’re only in the market for a logo, there’s no option to only purchase your logo and nothing else.

Wix Basic Plan

  • Full Commercial Usage Rights
  • Standard Logo Files
  • Wix Combo Website Plan
  • Free Domain for 1 Year


So which logo maker wins on pricing? Tailor Brands is more affordable than Wix and offers more inclusive subscription packages. 

Of course, if you’re looking to create a website, you may want to consider using Wix (although Tailor Brands offers a website builder as well). 

Language Support

Tailor Brands only supports Latin characters currently, although they are working on including more languages.

Wix, on the other hand, does support other languages.

When it comes to languages, if you need a non-Latin language, you will need to use Wix.

Social Sharing Options

Assuming you’re creating a logo for your business, you will most likely need an online presence.

Tailor Brands has made it easy to use social media with your new logo design right from the get-go. They’ve included high-resolution files of your logo in popular social media formats ready for download with the basic package.

Wix also offers social-media-ready files, but you’ll need to pay for the more expensive package to unlock them. It’s a steep price to pay just for your logo in a specific size.

Additional Tools and Services – Add-ons

Here’s an in-depth breakdown of both Tailor Brands and Wix’s additional tools and services.

Tailor Brands add-ons and services

Tailor Brands offers a wide array of brand assets, social media assets, design tools, and a website builder.

A logo in every size

You’ll receive social media logo sizes and access to a resizer that can fit any custom size, or you can simply use one of their presets.

Business card templates

If you need professional-looking business cards, you can create and download them using the business card tool.

Branded presentations

This is a pretty neat option if you need to make presentations, whether you need to pitch to investors or welcome a new team member. It gives you a 14-slide pre-made presentation that is branded with your logos and colors, and it’s completely editable and customizable with your brand.

Branded merchandise

This add-on lets you create products, such as stationery and clothing, that are branded with your logo.

Business docs

There’s also a business docs add-on that provides you with official documents (invoice, letterhead, etc.) branded and professional.

Social media design tool

This is an excellent graphic design tool that you can use to create images and beautiful designs for social media.

Website builder & domain name

Tailor Brands also includes the ability to build your website from scratch, or using pre-made templates.

Everything together is more than enough to create an entire brand identity, both online and offline.

Wix logo maker add-ons and services

One thing that stands out with Wix is they offer fewer add-ons and services compared to Tailor Brands, so let’s check them out and compare.

Social Media Files

You’ll receive 40+ ready-made versions of your logo for social media, but no option to resize them or create your own social media designs.

Business Card templates

Wix takes its business card service one step further than Tailor Brands, and they will send you 250 business cards. But, there’s no option to edit or save your business card designs to use elsewhere.

Website builder & domain name

Wix also offers a customizable website builder and domain name for one year. The site is designed automatically to match your logo’s colors and styling.

Designer Touch Up

Wix will ensure your logo looks professional, and you can enlist the aid of a Wix designer to perfect your logo (which does seem to defeat the entire purpose of the AI logo design algorithm).


Conclusion: Tailor Brands Vs. Wix Logo Maker

Wix’s strongest add-ons are its website integration, which may not surprise you as Wix are first and foremost a website design company. If you’re already a Wix customer, you may wish to use their logo maker for easier integration with their products.

But if not, then Tailor Brands offers a much more comprehensive subscription, which includes everything you need to build a brand identity, whether it’s social media assets, branding or creating new designs. And as seen above, their AI outclasses Wix to help create amazing logos.

Over to You

Now that you have a good sense of what the major online logo makers can provide you, it’s time to create your own logo. Think about the type of feeling you want your logo to convey to your customers, and then get designing! 

Carly Miller is a freelance content writer specializing in all things branding related. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her traveling, playing with her dog, or reading a good book.