The Best Logo Makers

The Best Logo Maker Apps
July 5, 2018
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August 1, 2018

13 of The Best Logo Makers

Every brand needs a logo. But, if you’re starting a business on a budget paying for a professional logo designer might not be an option. However, thankfully, you don’t have to.

Thanks to the emergence of logo makers, logo design software and logo apps, as an entrepreneur or small business you now have affordable design tools that allow you to create high quality, professional logos at a fraction of the price that you would pay a designer.

And in this post, we review the best –

Paid Logo Makers

  1. Tailor Brands
  2. Design Hill
  3. Logojoy
  4. Wix Logo
  5. Graphics Spring
  6. Logo Genie


Text Logo Makers

  1. Cool Text
  2. Flaming Text

Free Logo Makers

  1. Canva
  2. Ucraft
  5. Logaster

Best Paid Logo Makers

These logo makers are the best on the market. Yes, some are our competitors, but we don’t mind. We are confident that if you try our logo maker you will be thrilled with the results.

All these logo makers allow you to make a logo for free you just have to purchase if you want to download. However, the prices are very affordable.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Tailor Brands is the leading logo maker. Don’t take our word for it though! The results speak for themselves. Our logo design tools is AI powered, we don’t use design templates like many of competitors, which means each logo created is unique to your brand.

Tailor Brands also offers a suite of branding tools that include social media management features, business materials, and more.

We offer very competitive pricing with a $2.99 monthly subscription that includes high-resolution files, transparent PNG formats, as well as brand analytics and development tools. The $10.99 premium package adds social media tools and even a branding guide.


  • One of the simplest logo making platforms, with easy editing and design options built in.
  • A top-tier suite of branding tools help companies go from logo idea to full identity in little time.
  • The company’s pricing is far below the logo maker industry average.


  • Support is only available online though it still offers fast answers and solutions.
  • The customization options leave some area for improvement in terms of flexibility and fine-tuning.
  • There is no option to speak one-on-one with a staff designer or expert for better results.

Design Hill

Design Hill Logo Maker

Design Hill offers a fast and no-frills logo maker that provides results in minutes. The company’s design tool is easier to use than its designer marketplace and provides a wide variety in terms of finished products. Users start by selecting their preferences from a library of templates and styles before the software delivers a finished logo that incorporates as many of the points as possible.

Moreover, users who still want a professional design can post a design contest, which awards designers a prize for the top overall logo. Users only have to subscribe once they have designed a logo they are happy with and want to finalize the selection. Design Hill presents a basic package for $20.00 which includes a standard resolution logo for users.


  • The company’s multiple logo assets like shapes, colors, and fonts offer unique logo design options.
  • It’s easy to update existing designs before choosing a final product, letting you fine tune designs you like but aren’t entirely happy with.
  • Logos come ready for multiple uses with SVG and EPS files available as well as high resolution logos.


  • The company’s basic version only includes a standard resolution logo file, which can be difficult to resize at certain resolutions.
  • Adding extra features can start at $65.00, well above many competitors in the field.
  • The editing tools can be tricky to navigate for novice users and can be unresponsive in some cases.


Logojoy - Logo Maker

Unlike some competitors, Logojoy’s services are mostly centered on creating a logo without the heavy branding aspects. Even so, generating a unique design is simple, with only 3 steps required including choosing preferred designs, colors, and icons. Once users select their top choices, they are presented with multiple logo options they can save and purchase, as well as edit.

Users can choose a basic resolution file for $20.00, or pay a onetime fee starting at $65.00 for premium options that include transparent image files, full ownership, and unlimited changes and edits.


  • Users can edit their finalized logo as well as instantly view different potential layouts in a convenient tab.
  • Receive a final logo design in as little as three minutes and fully edit all aspects to fine tune your perfect brand mark.
  • The logo maker offers an excellent variety of readymade color palettes.


  • The basic membership only covers a basic image file, with a limited number of available edits.
  • Tools for social media and business card designs are an add-on to the premium program, not included in price.
  • Customer support has room for improvement in promptness of responses.

Wix Logo

Wix Logo

For those looking to centralize their design and web development into a single platform, Wix Logo offers an outstanding solution. The company’s logo maker is easy-to-use and produces simple and unique logo designs. Users must complete three quick steps before receiving a list of possible design options.

In the editor, users can choose aspects to modify from a taskbar on the left screen and see how their logo looks on a website with a visualization tool. Logos are available for as little as $12.99 and include a high-resolution file along with full commercial usage rights.


  • The company’s logo designer is built to function in tandem with their website designer, so logos are built to be web-ready.
  • Unlike some competitors, the basic package includes a high-resolution image file as well as full usage rights.
  • The editor is easy-to-use and provides some flexibility when building designs that fit users’ visions.


  • The options for final edits are somewhat limited and offer less choice than other competitors.
  • Most logo results are more oriented to word marks with simple designs, and there are few options for complexity.
  • Branding tools and advanced options are only available for users who choose the professional plan or higher.

Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs - Logo Maker

The company makes a simple promise—a logo in 1 min or less—and Graphic Spring delivers on it. Unlike some logo maker tools that automate a sizable portion of the design process, GraphicSprings offers a hybrid model. Once the base logo is complete, users have full freedom to select the shapes, images, and colors they like. Graphic

GraphicSprings offers three packages: Basic, which includes a high-resolution image file, starts at $19.99. Users can also select the Standard, Pro and Platinum options ($39.99, $99.99 and $199.99) which add a variety of features including file formats and other branding tools.


  • Offers impressive freedom for creating a logo that’s truly unique with a more comprehensive editor.
  • Logos can be ready for use in as little as one minute, with minor tuning and tweaks adding more time.
  • Users can choose from a broader variety of packages that let them select which features they actually need.


  • The logo maker is not ideal for beginners or those looking for a less involved design solution for their logo.
  • The company’s library of available design templates is more limited than other logo makers.
  • The editor can be difficult to decipher at times and using it requires patience as some objects are harder to manage on screen.

Logo Genie

Makr - Logo Maker App

One of our favorite aspects of Logo Genie design tools is that users can select the type of logo they want. Logos can be icon-, shape-, or font-based and there are several templates for each. The initial design process takes less than one minute, and results in hundreds of logo options.

Users can freely edit several aspects including separation lines, the colors of icons and the background, and the text featured. Logo Genie logos are available starting at $19.90, which include high-resolution files and access to support. Users can also add features like vector formats, modifications, and social network logos.


  • The company’s pricing is straightforward and offers a single package that lets users choose which features they want.
  • The designer is easy-to-use and offers great customizability for pre-made logo designs.
  • Logos are available for download in a variety of formats including JPG, PNG, EPS, and more.


  • Unless the option is selected, users can only edit their logo during the initial purchase process through the company’s logo maker.
  • Logo Genie does not offer some customization tools more advanced design software such as Illustrator offers.
  • Add-ons and features can make the one-time payment significantly higher than the initial $19.90 price point

Best Free Logo Makers

These are the best free logo makers. But, there is a caveat. You can design and download a logo for free but they are low-res, small-size formats. For high-quality, and vector files logo formats you have to pay.

However, if high-res quality is not a concern, then you can go ahead a make a free logo.


Canva - Logo Maker

Even as a free tool, Canva offers one of the better logo designer tools for users at all skill levels. The company’s logo maker tool features multiple pre-made logo templates users can modify for their own needs. Unlike some paid logo makers that guide users through the process, Canva lets users choose every aspect to fit their need, albeit without any help. Additionally, users can upload their own assets to include them in the final design.


  • Canva’s stripped-down and streamlined interface is easy to use and learn for people at all skill levels.
  • A great variety of free assets including images, icons, and pre-made design templates make the initial logo design a straightforward process.
  • There’s no need to pay for anything as long as users keep to free assets and images.


  • Purchased assets like images and elements are only reusable for 24 hours, and not indefinitely like other usage licenses allow.
  • There are no alignment features, so users often have to guess or estimate where an element in the design is aligned properly.
  • The designer does not feature grid tools which make it hard to be precise when attempting to place specific elements into a logo and compare sizes.


Ucraft - Logo Maker

If you’re looking for simplicity and a basic way to get your branding off the ground, Ucraft provides a straightforward, no-frills logo designer. The company’s logo maker doesn’t offer any design guidance, either AI or human, unlike its competitors. Instead, users can choose from a selection of free fonts, shapes, and icons to design a logo in Ucraft’s design sandbox completely from scratch.

To download files in vector and high-resolution formats, users have to pay a one-time $12.00 fee.


  • The design platform is drag-and-drop, so users can easily select elements they like and move them around without any complications
  • All the assets available are free, so there are no hidden costs or fees to download logos
  • Users receive a free PNG file with a transparent background, which lets them use it in any setting.


  • The variety of the existing assets is not expansive, so users may have to be creative with the limited tools available.
  • There is no alignment tool, so users must estimate exact positioning and may have to deal with slight asymmetries.


Free Logo Makers provides the best of both worlds for users who prefer to create their own designs but still want a baseline for inspiration. The platform itself is easy to use and features basic elements members can select to build their logos. provides users with a basic logo design based on their chosen field and gives users full control over their edits. If you’re looking for a simple logo to get your branding off the ground, this free alternative offers a quick solution.

It’s free for PNG logo downloads and $9.99 high res.


  • Drag-and-drop functionality lets users easily modify their logo templates to create something truly unique.
  • Every element featured on the platform including fonts, shapes, and icons are free and there are no hidden costs.
  • Modifying colors is especially simple and features an excellent gradient palette that offers an impressive variety.


  • There are no alignment tools, which make it hard for designers to properly align and center their logos.
  • The interface can sometimes be unresponsive, leading to some moments of frustration during the design process.
  • Users can only download a low-resolution image of their logo for free, with no vector files available


Free Logo Design offers a blend of useful features that set it apart from other free logo makers. Users can choose from a wide variety of pre-made design templates in multiple categories. Once they’ve found a logo style they like, they can fine-tune it in editor.

Free users can download a low-resolution version of their logo in a PNG file.


  • The company’s extensive collection of templates makes it easy to find a unique and memorable design that fits your branding strategy.
  • The logo editor is easy to use and allows for quick customization and fine-tuning.
  • Finding the right logo is made easier by choosing the specific industry or field you belong to.


  • Free logos are only available in 200 by 200 pixels and PNG, making them harder to scale and modify later.
  • The platform doesn’t help narrow down the choice of logos through any process, so users must find the right design on their own.
  • The logo editor can be confusing to use in some cases when elements are inserted with low opacity or clear fonts.


Logoster is a streamlined and fast logo maker ideal for those looking for an affordable, high quality brand mark. The company’s platform is template-based, so users can choose from a variety of available designs. Additionally, users can easily modify different elements and even swap out icons to create a more unique logo.

Users receive a free small logo with watermarks, but they can upgrade for $9.99 to receive different formats and higher resolution files. For an extra $9.99 Logaster offers designs for business cards, envelopes, and other materials.


  • The logo maker is intuitive and lets users fine-tune their chosen design to create a more unique logo.
  • Creating a logo takes less than three minutes, and users can make as many logos for free as they want.


  • The free logos available come with a watermark which means they’re not fully ready for use in marketing and branding materials.
  • Logos aren’t uniquely generated for each user. Instead, users choose from a variety of existing templates.
  • Some useful features are only available for an extra fee though it’s not always made immediately clear.

Best Text Logo Makers

The last type of logo makers on our list are text logo makers. These are completely free and as the name suggests they you can only create text logos (letter marks).

Although free, the quality is actually pretty good, you can’t really tweak or edit design other than change the color.

Text logo makers have no frill but if you’re in a jam and want an instant logo they are a good option.

Cool Text

Cool Text Logo Maker

This logo maker is an ideal solution for those who are looking for a word or letter mark design. Cool Text doesn’t offer any images or icons to include in logos, but it does provide a great selection of display fonts that can be used to create unique designs. Additionally, users can modify their text with multiple layers, including text colors, shading, and alignment within a frame.


  • The logo maker features multiple font designs that are useful in a variety of settings.
  • Fine-tune fonts with a variety of available color and shading options to create a typeface that represents your identity.
  • Create a word mark logo in less than a minute with an easy-to-use logo generator.


  • Cool Text is designed to create word marks exclusively, so adding icons, shapes, and images is impossible in the editor.
  • Even with multiple customization options, word marks come in preset fonts, so users can’t change much beyond color and shading.
  • Files are only available for download in PNG format, with no vector formats available.

Flaming Text

Flaming Text - Logo

Flaming Text is pretty much the same as Cool Text, you can make free 3d text logos. You select a logo template enter the name of your business and you get an instant logo. However, it’s not free.

You can download a free PNG logo with a watermark but if you want a higher quality watermark free design you have to pay.

Prices start at only $2.99, which is cheaper than a coffee from Starbucks.


  • Ability to edit background, you can also add shadow and change the color.


  • Basic logo design options

Over to You..

Although, there are a lot of logo maker apps on the market you should find something that suits your need in one of the above. Now, you just have to get designing. 

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