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July 5, 2018
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July 19, 2018

Two & Three Logo Color Combinations

Many logo’s use one color which from a design perspective is straightforward but a logo with different color combinations is a little bit more tricky to design. Get it wrong and your logo could end-up looking like a clowns face!

However, by mastering the use of colors and their combinations, you can design logos that give you a bigger canvas to express your brand’s values.

So, if you want to use different color combinations in your logo keep reading for some tips and insights into how to it properly.

What are the best color combinations?

When you start mixing colors, it may be tempting to choose as many as possible to convey every emotion on the spectrum. However, it’s important to consider that overdoing it can have a negative impact, and less is always more.

In logo design, you should contemplate using a single color, or at most a combination of two or three to avoid stressing your consumers’ eyes.

Two Color Combinations

Two-color logos are a standard, and they work well because they provide a nice contrast while remaining complementary.

Here are some of our favorite two-color combinations:

Image of color combinations

Three-Color Combinations

Three-color combinations are a little trickier to get right but can appear impressive when they work well together.

Images of 3 color logo combinations


Colors are an important aspect of your brand’s identity. When you design your logo, you should take some time to consider what each color says about your company. Understanding the right blend of colors can help you better communicate your message.

Think about the emotions you are trying to elicit, and how you want your consumers to respond to your brand. By choosing the right color combination, you can help your brand leave a lasting impact that shapes a more powerful connection with your audience.

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