Fitness Logo Design

For many, fitness is more than just a way to stay healthy – it’s an entire lifestyle.
You’re no exception to this; in fact, helping others reach their health goals is such an
important part of your life that you’ve decided to start a fitness business.


Building a fitness brand takes muscle, and you may need to exercise some creativity
to get your business out there. Not to worry; anyone from personal trainer to CrossFit
gym owner can get their brand in shape with a strong fitness logo! Scroll down for some of
the most prominent fitness logos in the industry, and read on for best design practices.


Fitness logos often include “fun” (read: animated)
icons, from images of workout equipment to people
in various states of motion. You can also choose to use abstract shapes that show movement, such as arrows
or a circle that appears to be spinning.



Think bold and modern for your fitness logo typography.
You won’t go wrong with the slab serif family, or you may elect to use a casual script font instead (but make sure that it’s easily legible, so you don’t deter potential customers from
being able to read the name of your business).

Color palette


Use vibrant, strong colors in your fitness logo design to symbolize power and draw the eye. Greens can work well,
as they remind people of health and strength, where white
will give your logo a youthful feel.


Imagine your logo on business cards or even at the
forefront of a building; what kind of layout will look best?
If you have a combination logo, try placing your icon 
to the left of the text, to give the impression that your logo
is “active” – just like your future clientele!