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Tailor Brands enables you to make stunning logos designs. No matter what type of industry your business is in, our online logo maker will create a logo that’s a perfect match for your business.

But if you need some inspiration, you can browse through thousands of cool logo ideas from every industry, and find the one that speaks to you most.

Whether you lead a basement brand or construction company, our logo ideas will help spark your imagination so you can get inspiration for your own logo.

In addition ideas and inspiration, we also provide you with tips for designing logos in each industry.

Logo Design Ideas & Inspiration per Industry

Photography LogoPhotography Logos

Real Estate LogoReal Estate Logos

Restaurant LogoRestaurant Logos

Construction LogoConstruction Logos

Jewelry LogoJewelry Logos

Fitness Logo Fitness Logos

youtube Logo Design Youtube Logos

Spa Logo
Spa Logos

Cleaning Logo Cleaning Logos

Gaming LogoGaming Logos

Business Logo Business Logos

Band LogoBand Logos

Hotel Logo
Hotel Logos

Lawn Care Logos

Wedding Logo Wedding Logos

Fashion & Beauty LogoFashion & Beauty Logos

Political LogoPolitical Logos

Beer Logo
Beer Logos

Education LogoEducation Logos

Trucking LogoTrucking Logos

Baseball LogoBaseball Logos

Basketball Logo Basketball Logos

Martketing Logo Marketing Logos

Animal Logos

Food & Drink Logos
Food & Drink Logos

Freelance LogoFreelance Logos

Soccer Logos

Cosmetics LogoCosmetics Logos

Production Company LogoProduction Logos

Car Logo
Car Logos

Tech Logos

Security LogoSecurity Logos

Landscaping Logos

Team Logo Design
Team Logos

Startup Logos

 Football Logos

Boutique Logo Design Boutique Logos

Non Profit Logo Design
Non profit Logos

HVAC Logo Design
HVAC Logos

Comic Book Logo Design Comic Book Logos

Golf Logo Designs
Golf Logos

Law firm Logo Design
Law Firm Logos

Travel Agency Logo Design
Travel Agency Logos

IT Company Logo Design
IT Logos

Hair Logo Design
Hair Logos

Computer Logo Design Computer Logos

Temple Logo Design Temple Logos

Environmental Logo Design Environmental Logos

Flower Logo Design Flower Logos

Entertainment Logo Design Entertainment Logos

Children Logo Design Children Logos

Industrial Logo Design
Industrial Logos

Abstract Logo Design Abstract Logos

Family Logo Design Family Logos

Medical Logo Design Medical Logos

Accounting Logo Design Accounting Logos

Agency Logo Design Agency Logos

Home Logo Design Home Logos

Insurance Logo Design
Insurance Logos

Internet Logo Design Internet Logos

Little League Logo Design Little League Logos

Mortgage Logo Design Mortgage Logos

Oil Logo Design
Oil Logos

Retail Logo Design Retail Logos

Science Logo Design Science Logos

Safety Logo Design Safety Logos

Coffee Logo Design Coffee Logos

DJ Logo Design
DJ Logos

Music Logo Design
Music Logos

Podcast Logo Design Podcast Logos

Bakery Logo Design Bakery Logos

Marijuana Logo Design Weed Logos

Art Logo
Art Logos

twitch Logo Design Twitch Logos