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Your eyelash business needs a logo that’ll capture your audience’s attention and have your business ‘pop.’ Like everything, first impressions matter. And there’s no better way to have your brand look trendy and professional than with the right eyelash logo.

Whether you’re in the planning phase or starting your small business, Tailor Brands’ logo maker will help you create a logo design that will have your eyelash business stand out among the rest.

To find out which type of logo is right for your eyelash business, check out some eyelash logos Tailor Brands has designed below, and explore logo ideas from related industries. After pumping you up with inspiration, you’ll be able to create your own!

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How to make your own eyelash logo

Create your eyelash logo in 2 minutes by entering your business name and tagline (if relevant) and then click ‘Design.’

Tell us a little bit about your eyelash business, choose a logo type, select the fonts you love, and we’ll do the rest by creating the perfect logo for your business.

Customize and make tweaks with our logo editor to bring your vision to life. You can play with fonts, colors, and logo layout – no design skills necessary! 

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Eyelash Logo Ideas

Eyelash Logo Design Tips

1. Icons

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An icon logo is a common option as it clearly shows the type of business you have. Icon logos come in a few types: Abstract, pictorial, crests, interactive, emblems, geometric, and custom. Each type of logo icon has a specific meaning and purpose.

Many eyelash businesses use icon logos to represent the service they offer. In the eyelash beauty industry, pictorial logos are often used as they present a clear and straightforward message of what your business offers. For example, an eyelash logo can be a pair of eyes with long, luscious eyelashes.

However, while pictorial logos are popular for the eyelash industry, other types of logos can make your eyelash business attract the attention of your target audience. 

Abstract logos or custom logos are also great logo options when designing a logo for your eyelash business. Stepping outside of the box and choosing a different type of logo can make your business stand out among the rest.

2. Typography

eyelash logo fonts

The typography you use can tell your audience a lot about the type of business you are and the brand personality. This is why it’s important you find the typography that best expresses the traits of your eyelash business and what your audience will connect with.

Many eyelash businesses use Serif, Sans Serif, and Script fonts to convey a cool, elegant, and stylish brand. In the end, you want to choose a font that best suits your brand’s voice. 

When creating a logo on Tailor Brands, remember you can adjust the font in the logo editor until you’ve chosen the perfect font for your eyelash logo.

3. Color Palette

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While typography and icons play a crucial role in a logo, so do colors. The colors you use in your brand influence how people perceive your business (whether they realize it or not). So, choosing your eyelash logo palette is something you should carefully decide on.

When designing an eyelash logo, you can choose from a wide range of colors. Many eyelash businesses opt for muted and soft shades of pink, purple, black, or grey to express femininity, sophistication, and modernity. 

However, there is a trend for bold and dark palettes such as jet black to signify progressiveness and boldness. Whether you choose a bold color or soft palette, what’s important is it’s aligning with your brand voice. 

4. Layout

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You want your logo to stand out and look amazing no matter where it’s being seen. For this, it’s important you keep in mind the icons, colors, and fonts you’ll use, as they’ll be placed on various items such as business cards, merchandise, and marketing materials. 

That said, you’ll want to design a logo that can be easily resized and replicated. As an eyelash business, you’ll most likely have a website and social media presence, so you’ll want your logo to be optimized for your social media profile.

While you may not have merchandise to sell right away, keep in mind your business will grow, and your logo will be used on eyelash accessories and other items. A logo layout that scales well will look good wherever it’s used. 

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