Coffee Logo Ideas

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Are you looking for the perfect coffee logo to represent your business? From barista schools to coffee roasteries, a strong coffee brand is what it takes to make your mark on this otherwise competitive industry.

You’ll find that many winning coffee shop logos take the vintage route, while others use a more modern and trendy design. To find the right design for your brand, check out these top coffee logos for inspiration. Then, when you’re ready to start creating your own coffee logo, read on for design best practices.

Coffee Logo Design Tips


Many coffee logos incorporate an icon in order to emphasize the selling point of their brand. If you feature premium blends, you may want to play with different beans; or, you can always opt for a steaming mug of coffee to get your audience in the mood for a brew. Just remember to look at what competitors are doing, so you can use an icon that stands out from the rest.


Like your color palette, typography – or your logo’s font – will affect the way your audience sees your brands. Try a handwritten script for a vintage, homey feel, or use a classic serif for a more business-like appearance.

Color Palette

The colors you use in your coffee shop logo will convey a certain meaning to your customers, so try to think about the kind of aesthetic you want to create. A sustainable brand might opt for greens and earthy tones, while a laid-back hipster vibe would better be expressed with black and muted yellow. Browns are a classic choice, but you’ll want to find an accent color that differs from competitors’ palettes.


The best layout for your logo will depend where you want to brand. Most coffee shop logos will need menus and signage, so make sure to choose a layout that can be printed nicely in all sizes. That said, don’t neglect your website and social media pages; your logo should stand out just as much on digital media.