Team Logo Design and Ideas

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Whether you’re on a sports team, a member of a club, or a leader of an organization, you’ll want to unite your group with a memorable team logo. Not only will a logo grant you recognition, but it also gives your team members something to rally around. 

To get some ideas, browse through a range of cool team logos below, made with our logo creator. Then, scroll down for design best practices to see which elements will most resonate with your audience. 

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Team Logo Ideas

Team Logo Design Tips

1. Icons

Before you start designing, you need to choose which type of logo you’re going to use: Text-based, icon-based, or a combination mark. 

A text-based icon could include emphasizing a specific letter in your business name, using a monogram of your name’s initials, or just utilizing your entire business name as the basis of your logo.

Icon-based logos are ones centered around a specific icon, and combination marks–like the name suggests–are a combination of the 2. 

There are a few different types of icons, including abstract, geometric, pictorial, crests and emblems, interactive, and custom. Each type has its own meaning and purpose.

An icon-based logo allows your team to be represented by a symbol that your audience or fans can connect with. If you’re on a sports team, you may want to consider using a mascot of an animal or cartoon. Or, try going with a symbol that says something about what your organization does. 

2. Typography

The font you use will convey a lot about your team’s personality, so you’ll want to choose one that expresses your values best. 

Your logo font should be in line with your team’s overall identity and reinforce the message you’re trying to communicate. If you’re part of a bowling league, then you’d want a carefree, creative font such as script. But if you’re the president of your state’s chapter of a youth group, you would go with a serif font to display dependability. 

A rule of thumb: Don’t use fonts that are too similar to one another. Try contrasting a serif with a sans-serif, or use an all-caps typeface to grab attention. 

Remember that when you’re creating your logo, you can play around with the font in the logo editor until you’re positive that you’ve landed on the right one for your business. 

Regardless of what you choose, make sure that the typeface you go with is easily legible. 

3. Color Palette

fitness logo color palette

The colors you choose will communicate a specific set of emotions to your audience, and they’ll also help make your team logo memorable. You want your logo color scheme to stand out from the others and make a statement. 

If you’re on a football team, let’s say, you’d want a color palette that is different from your competitors. You’d also go with bold colors, like black and red, to strike fear in the rival team’s heart. 

Make sure that your logo colors emphasize specific traits and characteristics that you want your customers to associate with your team.

fitness logo color palette

4. Layout

You want your logo to look amazing no matter where it’s being showcased, right? Whether it’s on your team’s merchandise or social media page, consider how your logo design will look displayed across different mediums. Your logo needs to look as good on the back of a hat as it does on a profile picture on Facebook. 

So that it looks good everywhere you use it, aim for a layout that preserves the quality of your logo despite it being resized. 

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