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If you’ve started a landscaping business—be it residential lawn design, weeding, pest control, or landscape architecture services—you’ll need a top-notch logo to prove that you’re the one for the job. After looking at your logo design, your audience should know that you can help them turn their property into a work of art. 

To get a sense of the best landscaping logo designs out there, check out what others have designed and see what sparks inspiration. Then, when you’re ready to design your own, scroll down for landscape logo design best practices! 

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How to make your own landscaping logo

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Landscaping Logo Ideas

Landscaping Logo Design Tips

1. Icons

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There are several types of icons (abstract, geometric, pictorial, crests and emblems, etc). An icon is an instantly recognizable symbol that carries universal values. Each type of icon has its own meaning and purpose.

Icons are commonly used in landscape logos, and they usually act as an accent to the business name. Look for an icon that either says something about the type of work you do like a sprinkler for installation services or a leaf for lawn care. Or, go with a symbol that relates to the name of your business.

Whichever icon you choose, make sure it reflects your brand, doesn’t take up the majority of the overall design, and that it complements all other elements.

2. Typography

typography for landscaping logos

Your logo needs to appeal to your target audience, so you’ll want to go with a typeface that speaks to them. If you’re catering to an upscale clientele, choose a sans serif font to put yourself out there as a modern, trusted business. A weeding and pest control service, however, might choose a slab serif font to make a bold impact. 

Make sure that your font is legible in both small and large print. And remember that when you’re creating your logo, you can play around with the font in the logo editor until you’re positive that you’ve landed on the right one for your landscaping logo. 

3. Color Palette

landscaping logo color palette

It’s not something we realize on a conscious level, but each color comes with its own personality. They can also elicit certain emotions and reactions. Think about the calming effect of blue and the exciting energy red emits. Because of this, you’ll want to choose the right color palette that brings the vibe you want your landscaping logo to convey. 

Earthy tones can work to your advantage, and many landscaping businesses go with green, yellow, and brown to send their message to their audience. However, make sure whichever color palette you choose differs from your competitors’ logo designs so that you can set yourself apart from the crowd. 

Also, remember it’s best to stick with 2 colors, 3 max. As long as you choose a color palette that stands out you should be good to go. Just make sure that your logo colors emphasize the traits of your landscaping business you want to express.

4. Layout

landscaping logo layout

It’s important to use the logo layout that’ll work best on your branding materials, whether that’s physical business cards, website design, or on the side of a truck. One way to test your logo layout is to create several different versions and then ask friends and family to weigh in on which resonates with them most. 

Remember, when it comes to landscaping logos, simplicity is key. So that it looks good everywhere you use it, aim for a layout that preserves the quality of your logo despite it being resized. 

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