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You might use a children’s logo if you’re a business selling children’s clothes or toys, a daycare center or kindergarten, or anything in between. Think about the main things we associate with children—learning, growing, imagination, and play—and incorporate those ideas into your logo. 

Keep in mind that while these logos should remind you of the pure joy of children, your target audience is the parents. To inspire you, we’ve compiled some of our favorite logo examples. Scroll down to read about strategies and best practices when designing a parent-friendly child logo.

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How to Make Your Own Children Logo

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Children Logo Ideas

Children Logo Design Tips

Choose The Right Icon

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When it comes to logo design, there are different types of icons, including abstract, geometric, pictorial, crests and emblems, interactive, and custom. Each type has its own meaning and purpose, which you should understand to make sure you choose the right one for your children’s logo. However, not every brand chooses to use an icon, so if nothing speaks to you or fits your brand, you don’t need one.

Icons are a popular choice for children’s logos, especially mascots or animal icons. Mascots are a family-friendly type of logo and are a great representation of your business. There are a few advantages when it comes to mascots, one being that it simply gives your target audience something memorable and cute to connect with. Plus, children love physical characters they can relate to. Similarly, animal symbols are another popular choice. 

Pick The Perfect Fonts

There’s no one “correct” font for children’s logo design, though there are best practices you should consider following. There are 5 broad font families, each with their own unique characteristics: Serif, sans-serif, slab-serif, script, and decorative fonts. 

Sleek, modern typography is not what you want in a children’s logo. Instead, choose fonts that are fun, playful, and bold. Use rounded, sans serif typefaces to make your brand appear youthful and inviting. Script is also appropriate to give a personal, warm vibe, and might work well for boutique children’s stores. 

Whichever font you decide to use for your logo, make sure to use 2 max and that it’s legible when scaled. 

Find The Best Colors

Children logo color palette

When we think of kids, we think of bright, cheerful colors. Use that to inform your logo’s color palette, which should invite children (and their parents) to your brand. Depending on the specific messages and values you want your customers to feel when they see your logo, you can opt for loud, bold colors or soft pastels. A good example of a bold color combination is Nick Jr’s orange and blue logo; baby clothing store Little Me chose 2 shades of light green.

Typically, bold primary colors appeal to older kids while soft pastel colors work well with younger children. With either color palette, make sure to keep things bright and cheerful to create a friendly, inviting brand. 

A few words on best practices: Choose contrasting color combinations to generate energy and excitement. But it’s best not to use more than 2 colors, 3 max. Anything more than 3 colors and your logo will be too busy and off-putting. 

Pick The Right Layout

Children logo layout

You’ll use your logo on your website, emails, presentations, and social media, but it’ll also appear on packaging, tags, stickers, and more. The point is that you’ll be using your logo in different sizes and mediums. For a children’s logo that looks good no matter where you use it, keep the design simple. To offset bold, contrasting color palette and playful typography, opt for a clean design with plenty of white space. Think about the different places you’ll need to put your logo and factor that into your design. 

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