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Are you trying to build a brand for your spa? Whether you run a massage parlor or a Turkish bathhouse, you’ll want your customers to feel relaxed the minute they think of your brand. No need to worry; a spa logo will get the job done. 

Designing a logo is the first step to creating a brand that your audience falls in love with, and we’ve got you covered! Browse through some of the spa logos below for inspiration, and check out which fonts, colors and icons are dominating the industry.

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Spa Logo Ideas

Spa Logo Design Tips


The majority of spas use icons with their logos, and you should have one too. Having a logo with an image lets you express who you are as a business and what your customers will feel when they walk through your doors.

If your logo only has a name, you’re not going to attract the largest customer base possible, because you’re not clearly displaying what makes your spa unique. So choose an icon to give your spa logo a boost.

icon ideas for spa logos
icon for spa logo

Beauty spas

focus on the visible effects of their treatments. Visitors want to leave looking different, looking more beautiful to the world around them. Facials, manicures, pedicures, etc.

are the most common treatments available. So use an icon, such as a face silhouette, which shows your customers that they’re the sole focus of your spa’s attention.

Health and Wellness spas

help customers relax, empowering them with a sense of leisure and tranquility, which is why flower icons and leaves are used to represent their soothing nature.

Rehab spas

are all about healing, detoxifying, and overcoming serious issues such as drug

addictions and alcoholism. Mending icons such as a medical sign, or a healing pair of hands brilliantly convey it’s curing nature to your audience.

Massage spas

can use intelligent designs to show their specialties, such as hot stones or a pampered customer receiving a massage. Clearly informing your customers what they can

expect at your spa makes it easy for them to choose you over your competition.


Other popular icons in the spa industry include waves, soothing abstract designs, trees, and wind. You can combine more than one type of icon, but don’t crowd your logo too much, or it won’t make an impact on your audience.


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Your logo’s font is a crucial design element, and you don’t want to disregard it. Fonts help showcase your spa’s identity and help to convey your qualities to your audience.

Your font needs to be clear, and prominent enough so that it stands out from the crowd. But be wary of script fonts as they can quickly become unreadable if they’re too curvey.

You may also want to stay away from an all-capital text design, as it can appear overly aggressive, just look at the difference between NATURAL HEALTH SPA vs. Natural Health Spa.

Serif fonts have a small line at every edge of the letter, which is why they’re often related to feelings of importance, knowledge, and trustfulness.
Sans-Serif fonts have no line attached to the end of the character, which is why they’re
perceived as a more informal, modern and relaxed.

Script fonts mimic handwritten, cursive writing. They are definitely one of the most elegant fonts you can choose. But as we said earlier, if you want a script font, it must be easily readable.

Make sure your chosen font matches your spa’s personality and services. Adjust the font-
weight, size, color, and spacing to perfect your logo so that it resonates with your customers.
Spa logo mockup

Color Palette

Colors are an essential part of your logo design because they conjure emotions, such as
feelings of love, happiness, relaxation, and if you’re not careful, anger, jealousy, and sadness.

So you need to choose colors that best voices the emotions you want to be associated with your spa.

color palette for spa logos
color palette for spa logos

● Blue stands for trustfulness, non-threatening, calmness, and serenity. It’s often used when a feeling of stability and reliability is needed. Blue is an excellent choice for rehab spas, which need to show that their visitors are safe and in good hands.

● Green is a dominant color, evoking feelings of warmth, growth, nature, harmony, and fertility. Health and wellness spas will often use green colors with a leaf or flower icon to

best portray their peaceful, zen-like atmosphere.

● Yellow gives your audience a feeling of freshness, happiness, and positivity.

● Red is also a strong color, often used to show love, desire, passion, and even hate.

Because it’s an intense color, use it sparingly as it can easily dominate your other colors.

You can, of course, combine more than one color in your logo, but be careful not to use too many, or you’ll risk diluting your focused message.


Use at most three colors with your spa logo for the best effects, and if you can, stick to two.


spa logo example

Does your spa sell wellness products or merchandise? If yes, you’ll want to make sure to use a logo layout that works on both printed material – like packaging and brochures – and on digital mediums like your business’s website. 

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