Make Your Own Political Logo

Whether you’re in activism or championing your own party, you’ll want a political logo that speaks to volumes of people at a time. Your voters are looking for someone they trust to make the changes they want to see in the world, and the best way to convey that sense of trust is through your logo design. 

Before you get on the campaign trail, it’s important to know what kinds of logos resonate with the audience you want to attract to your cause. Browse through some top logos that are already making their political mark, and then check out the recommended best practices for making a political logo! 

Political Logo Design Tips


You’ll often see political logos that use abstract geometric shapes, or with basic, commonplace symbols like stars or leaves. Remember that your logo will remind your audience of a specific set of values, so make sure to choose a symbol that reflects your ideals. 


The typeface you choose should convey dependability and longevity, so try not to go with a trendy font that will lose power over time. Instead, consider using a slab serif with thick weights, or an all-caps sans serif – something classic that will speak to voters of all ages and demographics. 

Color Palette

Reds, whites, and blues are a common color palette for political logos worldwide. That said, if your party wants to emphasize its stance on environmental issues, you may want to stick with a green palette; or, go with oranges to separate yourself from the other candidates in the crowd.  


Think banners, posters and online ad campaigns; these are the places your logo is likely to show up most – in addition to printed swag and merchandise. Go for a layout that works across all of these mediums without overwhelming or getting lost in the background.