Education Logo Design & Ideas

Educational logos ideas

Whether you’re a preschool teacher, piano teacher, or an SAT prep tutor, you need an A+ logo that attracts students. A strong education logo can showcase your expertise, gain more students, and build up your reputation. 

To get some education logo inspiration, browse what others have designed below. Then, read through education logo best practices to make sure you stay at the top of the class. When you’re ready to start creating, make your own education logo with our logo maker. 

Education logo example

How to make your own education logo

Create your education logo in two minutes, simply by entering your business name and tagline (if relevant) and clicking Design.

Tell us a little about your education business, then choose a logo type and the fonts you love, so we can create the best logo for your brand!

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EducationLogo Ideas

Education Logo Design Tips

1. Pick the right icon

Education logo icons

In logo design, an icon is a symbol or image that’s recognizable and universally understood. There’s various kinds of icons (abstract, geometric, pictorial, crests, emblems, interactive, and custom), each with their own meaning and purpose. 

In the education industry, an icon logo is popular, because an icon can help clearly tell your target audience what service you offer and also help form a connection. Use an icon that connects to your education expertise. If you’re a guitar teacher, then you could choose a guitar icon.

If you’re a teacher in the artistic field, an abstract logo could be a good direction to go in. Or, let’s say you help guide prospective students get into their dream school, a crest or emblem icon can evoke a sense of prestige and instill confidence in your abilities. 

The icon you chose should reflect your education service, balance out the overall design, and work with all other elements in your logo.

2. Pick the perfect fonts

Fonts for education logos

The right font can express a lot about your business. There are many types of fonts you can use depending on the message you want to communicate. When it comes to education logos, the right font is critical to the overall design. 


Most educational services want to give off a traditional, prestigious feel, and therefore, gravitate towards classic serif typeface. However, if you offer public speaking classes, you may want a more personal, inviting font, like script. Just make sure whichever font you choose is legible in both small and large print. 

3. Find the best colors

Education logo color palette

Think about the way certain colors make you feel: Blue relaxes, red energizes, etc. Each color has its own personality and vibe, so it’s important to choose the one(s) that express the traits about your business you want to express. 

Blue and gray are muted, relaxing colors that can make your students feel like they’re in good hands. Subdued color tones give your education logo a professional air. Consider this: You wouldn’t necessarily want your SAT prep course logo to be bubblegum pink since that’s on the immature side and not the vibe. However, a kindergarten teacher would maybe use a soft pink for their logo since it’s more age-appropriate. 

It’s best to choose 2 to 3 colors for your logo. Any more than that would just confuse the message you’re trying to send and look messy. 

4. Layout

Take a moment to visualize where your logo is going to be used. You’ll likely use your logo on your website, social media platforms, blog, emails, pens and pencils, and the like. 

No matter where it’s being used, if it’s sized up or down, your logo needs to look good. That’s why it’s also important to remember to keep your logo simple. When there’s too much going on, it’ll be harder to resize your logo. 

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