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Music logos are a must-have for anyone in the industry, whether you conduct an orchestra, run a record label, or are a performer yourself. As a solo artist who marches to your own beat or a business owner that needs to attract customers, building your music brand is the first step to making a name for yourself in the music world.

If you’re wondering how to create your logo the right way, don’t worry – just scroll down! You’ll find music logos from all types of companies to give you an idea of what kinds of logos will resonate with your audience. Then, keep reading for logo design best practices.

How to make your own Music logo

step 1 - how to make a music logo


Create your Music logo in two minutes, simply by entering your business name and tagline
(if relevant) and clicking Design.


Tell us a little about your Music business, select a logo type, and choose the fonts you love, so we can create the perfect logo for
your brand!

step 2 - how to make a music logo
step 3 - how to make a music logo


Make adjustments and tweaks with our logo editor to bring your vision to life. You can play with fonts, colors, and logo layout – no design skills necessary! 

Design Your Custom-Made Logo Instantly

Music Logos for Inspiration

monkey music logo
music logo sample 1
music logo 4
CityWatch music logo
music logo sample 5
Noise music logo
Aiden Brown music logo
golden dreams logo
Purple Noise logo

Music Logo Design Tips

Choose The
Right Icon

Adding an icon to your logo can help
express something about your personality as a musician or music business owner.
Popular band and DJ logos tend to use icons that reflect something about their name, while others use abstract symbols to convey a feeling rather than an object.
If you sell musical instruments or production equipment, you may want to go with a symbol of your highest-selling product.

The iconic music note (clef) is also a popular choice because the symbol is so recognizable. Going with such an obvious choice allows your audience to identify who you are and what you do instantly. 

But, you can achieve the same effect with other icons, which will help you create a unique logo. For example, a headphones icon combined with music notes, which you often see on sheet music, can also create the same effect, allowing your audience to recognize your music industry business. 

Or, you can use a microphone and a pair of lips to show someone singing. Because the music industry is so varied, you’re able to bring your creativity to your logo design to create something that represents you and your brand. 

music logo icons
music logo fonts

Like with color palettes, your music
logo’s typography gives you a lot of wiggle room to express your brand’s personality.
For example, the philharmonic would do
well with a classic, all-caps serif, to give
of a timeless, respectable and
sophisticated impression.

Big, spikey fonts are perfect for heavy-metal rockers who really want their logo to pack a punch: The bigger and more edgy the font, the better. 

If you want a more personal touch, handwritten fonts are an excellent way to convey your intimate brand while also allowing your creative side to shine through. 

When it comes to fonts and typography, there’s a near-endless selection you can use, from gritty punk-rock fonts to modern sans-serif fonts with clean lines and a relaxed aura. Your font will add to your logo’s personality, so don’t just choose the first one you see.  

Your font needs to complement your voice while still retaining easy readability across all the different marketing mediums available.

Pick the
perfect fonts

Find the
Best Colors

Because music is a creative industry,
you have a lot of room to play with color combinations.
As different color palettes have varying psychological effects on your audience, you’ll want to choose the colors that project the right vibe. A black and white palette is high-end and confident: orange is full of excitement. Make sure the colors you choose complement your logo’s
typography and icon.

Bold colors, like reds, combined with blacks and silvers, work well for the heavy-metal genre as they’re sturdy and impactful. 

But above all, your colors need to reverberate well with your audience. Experiment with color combinations and choose one that they’ll respond well to, but also echoes your style of music and personal brand. 

If your goal is to entertain, choose blazing, lively primary colors—green, red, yellow, and blue. 

If you want your icon to have the loudest impact, then stick with a black and white color combo to allow your other elements to stand out. 

If you’re stuck for ideas, use a color wheel to explore combinations you’d never dream of, and you’ll have no problem fine-tuning your music logo.

music logo colors
music logo layout

The best layout for your logo will
depend on where you want it to appear.
Consider printed items like concert brochures and merchandise, while also taking digital media – like websites and social media pages – into account. You’ll probably need a high-res logo file that can easily be resized and scales nicely.

Pick the
Right Layout

Design Your Custom-Made Logo Instantly

Your Logo Comes With:

High Quality Logo Files

Website & Domain

Powerful Design Tools

Common Questions - Music Logos

1. Why do I need a music logo? 

Whether you’re a musician looking to book your next gig or a trader in the music business looking to buy and sell equipment, there’s a lot of competition. Without a logo, you lack a lot of credibility that comes with personal branding. A high-quality logo shows people you’re serious, sincere, and trustworthy.

2. Should I use an icon in my music logo? 

It depends if you want the focus to be solely on the name of your brand, or if you want to take it one step further and use an icon to help sell yourself. Icons allow you to convey a message; what your message says depends on the image you use. You can use it as a sales tool to let people know what services you provide or as a branding tool to help portray your personality. 

3. Can I get free music logo samples? 

Yes, you can. 
With Tailor Brands, you can create a logo for free, and experiment with all the different color palettes, icons, and fonts available. You can download a free sample logo to try out across your social media pages to see how it looks in action. 
When you’ve polished and tuned your perfect logo, you can claim it for yourself and download the high-resolution version.

4. Can I make a wedding singer’s logo? 

There’s no limit to the different types of music logos we can create. Our maestro AI algorithm is so smart, all you need to do is tell it what music industry or genre you’re in, and it’ll serve you fantastic music logos. Whether you’re a bar mitzvah singer or concert pianist, our logo maker knows how to harmonize with you.

5. Should I use a logo maker to create my music logo?

Using a logo maker is the cheaper option by far. If you want value for money, nothing can beat it, and the process is much quicker than hiring a professional designer. You don’t need years of design experience as our AI designer does all the hard work for you. You’re also able to edit and customize each of the designs.