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Whether you’re a wedding planner or getting married yourself, it’s a magical event that everyone wants to remember forever. And nothing says “forever” like a timeless wedding logo. 

A wedding logo can help set you apart from others in the industry, evoke emotional responses from your audience, and help make your brand (or special day) more memorable. Scroll down for beautiful wedding logo inspiration as well as best practices when it comes to designing your own wedding logo. 

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Wedding Logos for Inspiration

Wedding Logo Design Tips

1. Icons

Your logo doesn’t necessarily need an icon, but it can help make your brand memorable, draw attention, and the visual aid will clearly depict what your business is all about. Many wedding logos include icons like rings, tiered cakes, bouquets, and corsages. David’s Bridal, the wedding gown store, for example, turned the “B” in “Bridal” on its side so it looks like a heart. 

However, you can go with an abstract logo to stand out from the crowd. If you’re a happy couple looking to create a logo for your big day, consider picking a symbol that represents your relationship. Or you don’t even need an icon. The famous Manhattan bridal salon, Kleinfeld Bridal, doesn’t have an icon logo.

I recommend checking out other logos to see what you like best. Make sure your icon reflects the message you want to convey and complements the other design elements. 

2. Typography

The typography you choose for your wedding logo is important, especially if you use a wordmark logo. There are thousands of fonts to pick from and you might be tempted to go with one that you like. But there’s a psychology behind typography and it’s worthwhile to research what each font conveys. 

Monogram logos are a wedding favorite, which means you’ll only need a few initials to make your logo pop off the page. Because of this, the font you choose is key to making your logo stand out. If you’re going for a classic look, go with a serif font like the popular magazine Brides. Or use a script font for an elegant, personalized touch; The Knot, an all-in-one wedding planning site, is a good example. 

3. Color Palette

You might’ve guessed that a light color palette is popular among wedding logos. You’ll find lots of soft pink, purple, and blue color combinations. Other wedding logos looking to express an elegant vibe usually go with black. Just be sure to use no more than 2 to 3 colors. Anything goes when it comes to wedding logo color palettes. 

Just like with typography, there’s a psychology behind colors, so you should choose one that conveys the right message to your audience. Plus, there are certain colors that work well together and others that don’t. If you have a hard time deciding which colors to use for your logo, check out these beautiful color combinations

4. Layout

Whether you’re a wedding planner, bridal magazine, seamstress, baker, or the happy couple, you’ll use your logo everywhere possible. That means places like your website, emails, invitations, presentations, monogrammed napkins, and merch like hats and t-shirts. It’s important to keep the logo layout in mind so that it’s easy to scale the design up or down depending on your needs. 

Design your custom-made logo instantly

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