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Whether you own a moving business or a food truck, your trucking business needs a solid logo that lets customers know you’re trustworthy and reliable. 

Tailor Brands’ logo creator will create a unique and memorable design that will haul your business to the next level.

Check out some trucking logos Tailor Brands has designed below, and scroll down for tips on how to create your own!

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Trucking Logo Ideas

Trucking Logo Design Tips

1. Icons

icons for trucking logos

An icon-based logo is a symbol that conveys values and ideas that make it immediately recognizable. There are a few different types of icons, including abstract, geometric, pictorial, crests and emblems, interactive, and custom. Each type has its own meaning and purpose.

You’ll often see trucking logos with icons representing the service you offer. For example, do you have a moving business that promises speedy, reliable delivery? In that case, you’d want to add some movement to your design by making it pop with some cleverly placed lines that show your icon in motion. 

In the trucking industry, an abstract icon or an emblem might not work as well because it forces your audience to guess what service you offer. Keep a strong, clear focus on what you do by choosing an icon that perfectly tells your story. 

Lastly, make sure the icon you chose reflects your business, doesn’t take up the majority of the overall design, and that it complements all other elements.

2. Typography

typography for trucking logos

The typography you use says a lot to your audience about what kind of business you are, which is why it’s important you choose a font that clearly portrays your mission and values. 

Many trucking logos typically use large block letters in order to make an impact. You can’t go wrong with a bold, sans-serif font, but you also may consider trying a serfis font with thick weight. Another option is to use 2 different fonts in your logo and tagline (if you have one), but if you do that make sure they’re complimentary. 

Remember that when you’re creating your logo, you can play around with the font in our logo editor until you’re positive that you’ve pruned the perfect trucking logo!

3. Color Palette

color palette for trucking logos

Colors influence our perception and make us feel a certain way, even if we don’t always realize it on a conscious level. That’s why choosing your trucking logo color palette should be a careful consideration.

Your logo’s color palette depends on the message you want to convey to your audience. If you want to express professionalism, reliability, and speed, then you’d go for red, black, and grey.  But if you’re an ice cream truck, then you’d maybe choose fun, playful colors that pop. 

These are just recommendations; feel free to play around with different color schemes! 

4. Layout

trucking logo layout

You want your logo to look amazing no matter where it’s being showcased, right? Whether it’s on your business card, bumper sticker, equipment, or merchandise, consider how your logo design will look displayed across different mediums. 

So that it looks good everywhere you use it, aim for a layout that preserves the quality of your logo despite it being resized. 

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