Design a Cool Trucking Logo

The freight and shipping sector is a multibillion dollar industry, and it can be hard to make your mark on such a saturated market. Let’s haul your business to the next level, by giving it the trucking logo it deserves! 

A trucking logo is the first step to building your brand and distinguishing your business from those of competitors. To create the right logo for your business, browse through the logo designs of some of the top players in the industry. Then, scroll down for the design best practices that will help your logo make its mark. 

Trucking Logo Design Tips


You’ll often see trucking logos with icons, whether to represent the name of a business or illustrate a service being offered. Try to pick an icon that emphasizes movement or speed, like an arrow or something more abstract. 


Many trucking logos typically use large, block lettering in order to make a splash. You can’t go wrong with a bold, sans-serif typeface, but you may want to try a serif with thick weights. You can also use two different fonts in your logo and tagline, but if you do, make sure they have complementary moods. 

Color Palette

Sturdy, reliable, agile; that’s the impression you want to give your customers, and the best color palette for the job is a mix of reds, blacks and greys. However, if you want to set your business apart from others in your industry, you may want to opt for something on the opposite end of the color spectrum. 


As a trucking business, your vehicle is going to be a huge marketing asset to you. In this vein, you’ll likely want to splash your logo across your vehicle, so go with a logo layout that looks good when enlarged.