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Retail logo ideas

Creating a retail logo is an exciting, creative process. As it’s the first impression of your retail business, you have the opportunity to reflect your brand’s style and personality in your design. Your target audience might be middle-aged women, athletes, or kids. Consider your audience and use them to inform your logo design. Every aspect of your logo has to represent your mission, values, and goals as a business. 

Ideas for retail logo design are endless…and overwhelming. We’ve got you covered—check out the designs below (all made with our logo maker) for inspiration and scroll down for more tips on how you can make your retail logo. 

Retail logo example

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Retail Logo Ideas

Band Logo Design Tips

1. Icons

Retail logo icons

An icon is a popular feature in many retail logos because it clearly depicts what kind of business it is and attracts customers. And, the options are limitless! When it comes to icons for your retail logo, create imagery that embodies the kinds of items you sell. If you’re a dress shop, try experimenting with different dress icons. If your items are united around a single theme—such as nautical-inspired clothes, Hawaiian wear, or hiking and the outdoors—choosing an icon based on that theme helps communicate your brand’s niche to your target customers. 

2. Typography

retail logo font examples

While every design element that goes into your retail logo is important, the right font can have a major impact on the overall logo design. Many retail logos opt for a simple and clean font with minimal other details. Without thinking too hard, you can probably come up with 5 retailers that have a powerful wordmark – like H&M, Gucci, Aerie, Macy’s, and Patagonia. 

It’s best practice to use one or 2 fonts for a retail logo to not detract from the overall design. Many popular brands just use one font (H&M and Macy’s, for example), but that isn’t to say you can’t use 2 fonts to stand out from competitors. Just be sure that the 2 fonts you choose are complementary. 

When selecting your typeface, think about the brand image you’d like to establish as a business. A serif font makes your brand appear classic and timeless, while a minimalist sans-serif font appears sleek and modern. For a whimsical look, go for a handwritten script font, or if you want to exude sophistication, you might choose an elegant script.

3. Color Palette

Retail logos color palette

Which color palette you select for your retail logo should be a careful consideration. Colors have different characteristics and meanings, which can subconsciously convey certain traits about your business. 

As a retailer, you have a wide range of choices for your logo’s color palette. To keep your logo simple and eye-catching, stick to just 2 colors that you think best represent your brand’s image. 

A hiking retail outlet might try natural colors like varying shades of green and brown, while a shop selling classic menswear would benefit from a black and white color palette.

It’s worthwhile taking a look at what your competitors are doing to understand what color palettes are most often used and how you can make it even better. 

4. Layout

Retail logos layout

Your logo is going to be featured virtually everywhere, including tags, merchandise, store signage, your website, marketing emails, social media, and more. 

That means your logo will need to be scaled up or down according to its surroundings. If your logo is overly-detailed (a large, bold font, 3 colors, and an eye-catching icon, let’s say), it won’t look good on these different platforms. 

Keep your logo layout simple, with clean lines and plenty of white space to ensure it’s versatile and resizable. 

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