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Whether you’re a travel agency, advertising agency or employment agency, you need a professional logo to tell clients what you do. To create a strong public image for your business, you’ll need to establish your agency as reliable, trustworthy, and one that always delivers on its promises. 

Though it might sound like a daunting task, Tailor Brands’ logo maker will do all the heavy lifting for you by creating a unique and memorable logo design that will help your agency stand out from the crowd.

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How to make your own agency logo

Create your agency logo in 2 minutes, simply by entering your agency name and tagline (if relevant), and clicking ‘Design’.

Tell us a little about your agency, select a logo type, and choose the fonts you love so we can create the perfect logo for your agency.

Customize and make tweaks with our logo editor to bring your vision to life. You can play with fonts, colors, and logo layout—no design skills necessary! 

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Agency Logo Ideas

Agency Logo Design Tips

1. Icons

Before you start designing, you need to choose which type of logo you’re going to use: Text-based, icon-based, or a combination mark. 

A text-based icon could include emphasizing a specific letter in your band name, using a monogram of your name’s initials, or just utilizing your entire band name as the basis of your logo. This is the most popular option for many agencies. 

Icon-based logos are ones centered around a specific icon, and combination marks–like the name suggests–are a combination of the 2. 

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There are a few different types of icons, including abstract, geometric, pictorial, crests and emblems, interactive, and custom. Each type has its own meaning and purpose.

An icon-based logo allows your agency to be represented by a symbol that your clients can connect with. The icon you choose should clearly represent what your agency does. If you go with an abstract icon, it might confuse your audience or make your business appear unprofessional.

Your best bet is to choose a pictorial icon, which is an image that illustrates a real object. It’s a type of graphic-based icon that can reinforce your business’s name and help it stick in the minds of your clients. 

It might be easy to create a literal image from your business name, in which case a pictorial logo could be appropriate. If you want to add an icon to your logo, try to stick with a shape or graphic representation of the service or product your business provides. 

2. Typography

Typography for agency logos

The font you use will convey a lot about your agency’s personality to your target audience, so you’ll want to choose one that expresses your values. 

Your logo font should be in line with your brand identity and reinforce the message you’re trying to communicate. 

A classic serif would work well for any agency that wants to express confidence and reliability. So, let’s say you offer marketing services, you would want to go with serfis, which is a font that conveys authority and dependability. 

But if your agency is design or art-related, you might want to consider using a script or custom typeface to showcase creativity. 

Remember that when you’re creating your logo, you can play around with the font in the logo editor until you’re positive that you’ve landed on the right one for your business. 

3. Color palette

color palette for agency logos

Colors influence our perception and make us feel a certain way, even if we don’t always realize it on a conscious level. That’s why choosing your business logo color palette isn’t just a throw-of-the-dice decision.  

You want your logo color scheme to stand out from the others while also remaining professional. To achieve this, try going with black and white for a dramatic yet elegant effect. The best colors for a professional, reliable vibe are blue, black or gray. These colors work well with accent colors like gold or silver. 

As long as you choose a color palette that stands out you should be good to go, but make sure that your logo colors emphasize the traits about your business that you want your customers to associate with your brand.

4. Layout

Whether it’s on your business card, website header, or merchandise, consider how your logo design will look displayed across different mediums. A strong agency logo should be versatile and easy to read when it’s resized. 

Let’s say you have a brick-and-mortar store, you’ll want to take signage into account; if your business exists online, focus on optimizing the logo layout for your social media profile.

So that it looks good everywhere you use it, aim for a layout that preserves the quality of your logo despite it being resized. 

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