Jewelry Logo Maker

As a jewelry business, your logo needs to look as polished as your inventory. Like the diamond in an engagement ring, your jewelry logo is a symbol to your customers – that your business is professional, your merchandise is elegant, and that you’re the one to come to when they want to buy a gift for their special someone.  

Whether you’re a goldsmith or diamond aficionado, style and good taste are what will set your business apart from competitors. And, a good brand will communicate these traits to your audience – starting with your jewelry logo. Check out these designs to gain some inspiration and logo ideas from the top jewelry brands out there. Then, when you’re ready to make a jewelry logo, scroll down for design best practices in your industry. 

Jewelry Logos for Inspiration

Jewelry Logo Design Tips


Icons are usually subtle in popular jewelry logo design, and they are used to accent – not overwhelm – the logo’s text. You may see symbols of royalty like crowns or crests, as well as the classic diamond rings and bracelet icons.

However, you may want to consider going with a more abstract symbol, which will allow your audience to fill in the blanks; if you specialize in custom jewelry design, for example, abstract icons will help you avoid limiting the associations with your brand to one specific type of jewelry.


In jewelry logos, the typeface is the selling point. Fonts emit different moods and emotions, and you’ll want your business name set in the perfect typeface to draw your customers in. 

If you offer high-end jewelry, consider using a script font to convey elegance and sophistication. Or, for jewelry brands with a more down-to-earth vibe, try going with an understated sans-serif. You can also always play with display fonts to create a logo that stands out from competitors’.


Color palette

Jewelry logos tend to feature minimalist color palettes. Gold and silver are an obvious choice, but you may want to focus more on color psychology – and the emotions that different color palettes evoke – when choosing your logo colors. 

You can’t go wrong with black, which oozes sophistication and class; consider adding a secondary color to accent your design, such as teal or maroon.


Icon on top, logo name in the center – that’s the standard layout for jewelry logo design. However, try to imagine where you’ll most use your logo before committing to a layout; you’ll probably want a logo that looks nice on jewelry boxes, but also stands out on the top of your website.